Chapter 2

It was a the middle of summer. My friends and I had planned to go swimming all day, but Rayve never showed, and I was worried when she never replied to my texts. So I went home, leaving the others at the beach. When I arrived home, I went to my room. Grabbing a shirt, I pull it on and look in the mirror on my wall. as I look at myself and study my tan, I freeze. I stare at the mirror, unable to believe my eyes. My reflection was smiling at me. Smiling. I raise my hand to my face, feeling my lips. My reflection did the same, a smile still on it's face. But I wasn't smiling. I walk closer to my mirror, and place my hand on it.

Warmth. I felt contact with.. something... in the mirror. It felt like holding my hand up to someone else, like there was someone there. Curious about what was happening here, I smile. The reflections face goes blank, its smile gone. 

The End

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