Suddenly felt dizzy, and fell to the ground

...I suddenly felt dizzy and fell to the ground. I couldn't feel anything as I feel, it was almost as if I was falling through a cloud. But before I hit the ground, someone caught me.

"Your friend seems tired Rayve, perhaps you should bring him a drink."

I could tell then that it was Rayve who help me, for she laid me down carefully on the ground and hurried of to somewhere behind me in response to Mr. Pentworth's suggestion. after she left, I continued to feel as though I was falling, and my eyelids seemed to do the same. It seemed odd, that I was so tired all of a sudden, when moments before I was just fine. As my eyes closed, I could hear someone talking, low and softly.

"That's right. Rest your eyes. You are very tired, and you need your sleep. You will be just fine, we will take care of you, just as we cared for your friend. You are safe here. You are safe. Sleep, and be safe..."

The End

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