Rayve starts laughing

"You think your going crazy don't you? your not. This is really real, and its amazing!"
Startled at her outburst, I stopped what I had been about to ask. amazing? that is one word for it. Crazy is another. so is insane. 
"Everything is going to be wonderful! you will see." Looking to something behind me, she smiles again and says,"This is Mr. Pentworth, and he is going to explain everything. You don't have to worry about anything." She looks at me again and smiles.

 As I turn around to face the this Mr. Pentworth, I notice a flicker of something from the corner of my eye, but dismiss it as my imagination. As I face him, I see that he was a rather short man, and rather skinny as well. His arms were like rods and his knees looked like they were going to give out at any moment. He had to have been at least one hundred years old. As I watch him shuffle closer, I notice something else. The atmosphere of the place became apprehensive. I could suddenly feel hundreds of pairs of eyes staring at me, but I could only see Mr. Pentworth's. Startled, I realized I couldn't see his eyes. As he came closer, I could see where his eyes should have been, but all that was there were two empty and hollow sockets, like a skull. As I looked more closely at him, I could see that his arms looked like rods because they were bones too! Mr. Pentworth was a walking skeleton! Taking a step back, I tripped on something and fell to the ground. I tried to get back up, but he was already almost on top of me, so I tried to scramble backwards away from him. 

"Oh don't be afraid child! I mean you no harm." Mr. Pentworth said as he stopped and folded his hands, and seemed to look at me. "Although I suppose you humans would be rather startled by seeing a skeleton, let alone one that walks and talks. I am the historian of this world, and I can not die until its entire history has been recorded to the best of my ability, and so I was made into a skeleton so that I may continue on to complete my work. I truly do mean you no harm." 

Offering one of his hands to me, I took it and he helped me back up. I was shocked that his hand didn't feel cold, but rather warm. As I stood again and tried to pull my hand away, I found that he wasn't letting go. feeling rather awkward and nervous, I looked around for Rayve hoping that she would help me. but when I met her eyes, she only smiled at me and nodded encouragingly. Confused, I looked back to the skeleton. As I looked into his eye sockets, I....

The End

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