The reflection pulls you in

And its hand grabbed mine, and I was yanked into the mirror. Startled, I didn't try to resist. As my body passed through the mirror, it felt like I was pulled through water, bet without getting wet. As I stood on the inside of my mirror, i couldn't believe my eyes as I watched as my reflection start to dissolve. This was getting freaky. But as I watched, the figure became shorter and shorter, until it became  little cat. Now this is just really messed up. a cat? My reflection became a cat? whatever. 

As I waited for something to happen, the cat started to walk away, through the reflection of my door. Following, I expected to see the hallway like i would in the real world, but to my sudden shock, I found myself in a large room, and in the center of the room, i saw Rayve. Running to her, she saw me and came towards me as well, and when we met we embraced. 
"where are we? What happened? What are you doing here?" Questions poured out of my mouth before I could stop myself.
Smiling, she calmly replied,"Everything is going to be okay. We have been chosen to be the guardians of the mirror world."
Staring at her, I couldn't believe what she was saying. Mirror world?  Guardians? I must be dreaming, or going crazy.

The End

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