chapter 1

Chapter 1

It was dark in the small red room; the only sounds that were made were a tiny blue wall clock ticking, which was waiting for its evil vengeance on the figure sleeping in the single bed below. The room was very small which was crammed in with a pink desk in the corner and a wardrobe. It also had a small TV which hung on the cream wall above the figure underneath the bed sheets.  It was two minutes to nine and the alarm clock was pleased, it didn’t have to wait too long. The clock ticked louder as the time drew closer, and closer, and closer until...


It buzzed happily. The body under the sheets groaned in frustration. “You are such an evil clock” she muttered as she slung her legs over and stood up. As per usual the clock didn’t stop ringing; it was a stubborn clock the individual thought bitterly before groaning again. Why couldn’t it just shut up for once! Tiredly she reached out for the clock and pulled out the batteries, finally it stopped ringing defeated. She smiled to herself triumphantly her fangs lifting at the curls of her mouth. “Until next time clock” she whispered. Realizing that she might not be the only person in the room she glanced round and hoped that no one had heard her. Thankfully no one was there. The girl sighed in relief and went towards her bedside table. When she was there she looked closely into the mirror looking at her pale face and small fangs, the face of an Ocro.

The girl’s thirst had steadily increased; she hadn’t fed in a while. Ocros hated the taste of human blood unlike their close cousins, the Lamicas, who always craved human blood more than anything else. Ocros tended to stick with animal blood; they also were users of an element. This girl’s element was spirit. She was also fourteen.

“Kaitlyn! Get down here now so you can have your breakfast before you go to school!” shouted a voice down below.

“Give me a minute and I will!” shouted back the Ocro called Kaitlyn. Kaitlyn took one more look in the mirror and realized that her lovely brown hair was scruffy from the night’s sleep and her deep blue eyes which was the colour of the ocean, looked very tired. Quickly Kaitlyn flung her school uniform on; a red top, cream skirt with black tights and black shoes with her new cardigan and pulled a brush through her messy hair before rushing downstairs. When she got downstairs she grabbed some toast and went outside to catch her bus.


Finally Kaitlyn reached her Ocro school, The Ocro palace. The Ocro palace was a big but old school, which was built in the late 1900s, and was specially designed for Ocro’s to channel their elements and use them for good. There wasn’t much difference to the Ocro Palace and a normal school except the fact the front gates soared high into the sky for security and the school looked like a church.

Kaitlyn sighed, she hated this school and wished she could go to normal school for normal people, but she knew she couldn’t. “Not yet anyway” she thought to herself as she entered the old school. Inside was the same as outside, old and dusty. She sighed again and looked for history, her first class. When she found it she rushed to her seat and the lesson began. As usual the lesson began with some silent reading from the old history books. Kaitlyn groaned and stared at the clock, wishing for time to move faster. “Please go faster, please go faster” she whispered, but it never did, as usual. After a few moments of staring however she realised the clock had stopped moving. “Strange” she thought as she began working on the tasks in the book. Risking a quick look Kaitlyn glanced up at the clock again and saw the clock ticking loudly. It read five past eleven. “Must have been my imagination” she said pleased as she began working again.

It was five minutes later that the loud bell rang through the corridors to show it was now time for the next lesson, Kaitlyn’s favourite lesson, element controlling! Quickly Kaitlyn collected all her things and rushed out the door to the gym.

However when the lesson began Kaitlyn realised she couldn’t really concentrate on the lesson. All she could think about was the strange clock which had stopped and then started again. “Surely I was seeing things. A clock can’t just stop and then start again unless it’s broken.” She thought over and over again. “Now I am going to teach you how to control your elements” spoke a distant voice, realizing that she might want to listen she pushed the thoughts of the clock out of her mind and listened to the teacher. “To do this you must not have a distant mind. You must concentrate on your element and your element alone otherwise many bad things could happen” said the teacher as she looked around the class. “Please do not expect to control your element first time as you have not practiced before however I do expect for you to be strong enough for your element to be controlled for a few seconds at least.” The teacher explained, stopping at Kaitlyn. “Now the first step is to call your element so in the count of three call your element to the gym” instructed the teacher. “One” She counted as Kaitlyn prepared to call spirit. “Two” she said again. “Three!” Suddenly everything around her disappeared from sight. “Oh!” she cried looking around. Everything was white and misty and weird... “If this is a trick, then you better stop it now or else!” she threatened. She meant to have her voice loud and confident but instead it sounded pleading and scared. “Kaiiittlyn” a calming wail of a voice whispered in the wind. She turned quickly. “Who goes there?!” she shouted as goose bumps started to form on both her pale arms. Kaitlyn, donnnt be afraid.” It said again. Kaitlyn glanced around. How could she not be scared, she was in an unknown place with an unknown person-or thing, shouting her name!

“Come out and show me who you are!” she shouted feeling a spark of confidence suddenly. Inside Kaitlyn felt scared and confused. It was like she was a small mouse locked in a big cage with no way out. “Yoouuu asked for it...” it only replied. Kaitlyn waited, waited to see the person or thing come out and show her who they are, then she could demand to let her out, to return to school where she could be safe. Suddenly and without warning a figure arose from the mist, the figure stared at Kaitlyn, it was a small and transparent and seemed to have no features. It floated awkwardly towards Kaitlyn, as it drew closer more details surfaced on its transparent face. It was a young guy, about between the ages of fifteen and seventeen and had floppy black hair. When he had reached Kaitlyn he smiled, showing his opaque straight teeth. “Hellloooo Kaitttlyn” it said smiling. Kaitlyn stepped back quickly. “Who are you and how do you know me?!” she asked frightened. “You do not know! You summoned us here, surely you must know me as otherwise you wouldn’t have summoned us here.” it cried. “U...Us?” Kaitlyn stammered nervously. There was more! “Yes, us. Would you like to see the rest of us or do you prefer talking to me alone” it asked patiently.  Kaitlyn shook her head, and then realizing it didn’t really answer the question she quickly replied. “I will see the rest as well.” The thing nodded his head. “Very well, but remember you asked for us to be here.” It said gently as it disappeared from sight. Kaitlyn gasped in horror. She was alone! She didn’t even know where she was! “Please, please someone help me” she whispered silently, choking back tears. Without warning a loud boom exploded. There was a moment silence and Kaitlyn waited, waited for the horror to find her. Then, somewhere to the left of her she swore she could hear faint voices chanting her name. "Kaitlyn....Kaitlyn...Kaitlyn.... Soon there was a hundreds of things standing in front of her. "Who are you people?" she asked quietly. They hesitated for a moment then finally they answered. "We are past Ocros who had the same powers as you have now. This power is very unusual for Ocros but sometimes is common among our kind”

“I...I have a new power? I thought Ocros have only power?” asked Kaitlyn confused with the whole situation. “Yes normal Ocros have one power, which is to control an element but you are not a normal Kaitlyn” it explained.  There was a moment silence as Kaitlyn thought about the prospect of being abnormal than the rest then trying not to stammer she quickly asked: “What, what is my new power?” The things turned to each over in confusion before finally answering: “You don’t know? Well that does surprise us! You’re new power is that you alone can freeze time when you stare at a watch or a clock. This means if there was an error like you were in the wrong room you could stop and walk out. However be warned. Many Ocros and other creatures would die for this power; some may want to use you. Lastly please know that we are always inside of you, so when you feel scared or confused we will be here to help you. Now Kaitlyn you must go”

Kaitlyn nodded in relief. “Goodbye Kaitlyn” they whispered as a huge wind circled around her. Suddenly with a big flash Kaitlyn found herself standing in the now empty gym. It was lunch.

The End

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