The Timestopper

This is about a girl who can stop time and a shape shifter who needs her to stop time to collect a gem.
It goes into an intresting story

Chapter 0


 Joseph?” asked a quiet voice in the dark.

“I am right next to you Mistress Jane, I will protect you” answered another deeper voice Joseph. “Thank you Joseph. Now, where are we?” Jane whispered.

“We should be at the village of Brunton, I believe they said they would meet us here” Joseph replied as he shuffled one foot to another, he felt uncomfortable here but knew his duties to Jane and stayed here to protect her.

“Thank you Joseph,” Jane whispered quietly. Looking at the bright stars in the night sky she wished she could see in the dark like so many others. Joseph looked at Jane then realizing what she was thinking he quickly whispered. “But Mistress Jane, you would hate to be like many others, the best thing about you is that your one of a kind, your original, you’re different. You’re my mistress”.  After so many years of protecting Jane he could read her like a book.  

Jane chuckled under her breath. “Yes Joseph, you are right. I like being different from the rest but it would be easier if I could see” she replied, slightly frustrated.

Joseph smiled in the dark. He knew his mistress well.

Suddenly Joseph heard silent footsteps approaching them. Following his instincts he moved in front of Jane protectively and unsheathed his sword ready to find those who had the intention of hurting his mistress. He waited, eyeing the silent street which hid many secrets. They were standing in a small alleyway, near to the middle of the village.  No-one was there but he didn’t want to take any chances and put his guard down. So he waited.

“Ace, I think we came to the wrong place” said a quiet voice not so far away.

“No mistress. I am certain they are here. Let me put a little light up so you can see.” A second voice replied. Soon a small glow appeared north of where Joseph and Jane stood. Joseph smiled. He knew the voices well. Quickly he led Jane to where the faint glow was now shimmering in the moonlight. There, stood his best friend and his mistress, Ace and Anna. Ace was a big man, with black hair, which was hard to see in the dark and had blue eyes. He was a good friend and always liked to wear his favourite outfit: long ripped jeans, a golden belt which he won in a contest and a long shirt with his name on, he also had his protective gear on to protect his mistress. Anna on the other hand was a small girl who only came up to Ace’s elbow; she had brown hair sailed down to her shoulders and green eyes. She wore a long pink dress and a short black coat. She was a good friend of Jane’s, they had both known each over since they were little and were both, in Jane’s opinion sisters.

Hello friend” said Joseph as he came towards Ace slowly. He turned around quickly. At the sight of his best friend he smiled suddenly. “Joseph” whispered Ace “Long time, no see”. “I know, I think we need to clear our schedules so we can each over more.” laughed Joseph. Pulling Ace into a manly hug they patted each over on the back. “It’s nice to see you”

“Yeah it is. I wish we could see each over more but you know how demanding our brilliant mistress can be” Ace said as he looked over at Anna and Jane. Anna and Jane, who was chatting loudly, looked up sternly. “Now we are here for official business, we can’t waste our time talking. It will be morning soon” said Anna sternly, the black of night already starting to fade. “Very sorry Mistress Anna” whispered Joseph sadly; it had been so long since they were last together, which was two years ago.  “Thank you Joseph, now Anna can you explain exactly why we are here?” stressed Jane who was silently puzzled about the matter. “Well the prophecy said that the Ocro was here at the village of Brunton” answered Anna, sounding mature and in control. “As you know, the prophecy said that this Ocro will find us and take something valuable from us. With that they will take over our world as we know it. So my plan is that we” Anna looked round at everyone in turn “find this Ocro, defeat it in battle then we can carry and defeat others to overcome the world!” explained Anna.  Everyone was silent for a moment; the only sounds were the rustling of trees in the breeze. Joseph was the first to speak, breaking the awkwardness which had erupted between the four of them “How will we know it’s the right Ocro though, there has to be thousands of Ocros all over the world! Probably at least five round here” Anna was silent for a moment, thinking through a plan. Finally she said “Good point Joseph. I know when they come to our homes we will crush them before they take anything valuable from us! Then after we could try and take over the world!”  Jane nodded, she liked this idea. “Mistress“whispered Joseph, softly nudging Jane. “It looks like we need to go, these things that live here will wake up soon. We must go” The sky was turning from a deep blue, black to a mix of orange, red and yellow. As the ball of gas appeared on the horizon, birds started their early wakeup call singing loudly. Jane glanced at her watch quickly. It was an old clock which had been given down from generations to generations. It was also a strange watch with different swirls for hands and different symbols for numbers which only made sense to those who owned it. The watch read five to nine, he was right. “Thank you for coming here today Anna but Joseph is right, we must go” said Jane. “We will meet again soon” They all nodded in agreement and disappeared with a loud pop, leaving no trace of ever being there.

The End

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