"Hi Avye, what happened today? I tried calling you at home, but Nedra said you hadn't got home yet, and I was so worried, becuase then Sal said she'd seen you talking to Sammi-"

"Hey Rose, calm down, I'm fine. Sammi and the rest cornered me by the lockers. I swear it was about that debate we did. She wasn't pleased, and she wouldn't let me go, so I missed the bus and had to walk home. That's why I was late."

"Phew. I felt so bad about leaving you, Avye," Avye alone hadn't shortened or changed her name since Reception "I thought she'd... eat you or something!" Both girls fell about laughing. "Well, I'm glad you're OK. I'll see you tommorrow then!"

Rose said bye and hung up. Avye was still laughing to herself.

The next morning, Avye arrived at school and was just filling in her homework planner when someone wrapped their hands around her eyes.

"Guess who?!" Rose put on an amazingly accurate impression of Sammi, then succumbed to fits of giggles and let go of Avye's face. Avye turned in her chair, and smiled at the girl bouncing into the chair beside her. Rose had changed so much since Reception. Now, her hair was cut very short, but still had the auburn shine to it that it had aged 5. She had rosie cheeks and was short but skinny, like a little elf. Avye couldn't help but smile whenever she smiled.

Straight after break, all of Avye and Rose's form had PE. Rose hated PE, and so Avye always lagged behind to stay with her, but really, she could do better. All the other girls were warming up on the running track when Sammi came jogging out onto the field, hair plaited chicely over one shoulder. Avye looked down at her own hair, messily scraped into a high ponytail. She sighed. Sammi reached them and smiled around at the boys on the football pitch.

"I can't believe we're doing running today!" she gushed to anyone who was listening "I hate to brag, but I do love running!" she shrugged, and looked around modestly. Ignore her, Avye told herself, just ignore her. When the teacher arrived and told the girls which course they would be running, Sammi set off immediately and streaked ahead of everyone else with ease and grace. Avye tried to ignore her, but couldn't help but watch her practically jog ahead of anyone else as she poodled along next to Rose.

"That's it. I'm sorry, Rose, but I'm going to get her." Avye looked around at Rose, who frowned, then nodded. Avye sped up. Within seconds, she had caught up with Sammi. Sammi turned her head, shocked, and frowned. Then she flicked her hair and put on a burst of speed. Avye followed her, determined now to beat Sammi for once.

The next 4 1/2 miles went in much the same way. Sammi led for a bit, then Avye caught up with her. By the time the school was in sight again, both Avye and Sammi were sprinting. Maybe Avye had just got ahead of Sammi, becuase suddenly, Sammi snarled "No. You. Don't." and stuck out her foot.

Avye tumbled, practically did a roll, and by the time she had made her way back to the teacher, Sammi was simpering at the guys playing football and stretching her legs. As Avye staggered over to her, she smiled and flicked her hair.

Avye noticed it was still perfectly slung over her shoulder. At some point, Avye swore to herself that she would make sure Sammi got what was coming to her.

The End

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