Aunt Nedra

Avye lay on her bed and stared up at the ceiling. She could hear her aunt moving around in the kitchen below her. She was humming a lilting tune to herself, one Avye remembered from when she was younger.

Aunt Nedra wasn't really Avye's aunt. When Avye was a baby, she, her mother and her father had lived in central London. One weekend, they went away for their wedding anniversary, and left Avye with their next-door neighbour for two nights. They never came back. Police searched all over London, and asked around the areas they were planning to go to, but no-one seemed to have seen them since they left the house in the morning. Having no other relatives at all, Avye had been allowed to stay with the neighbour ever since. Calling Nedra her "aunt" was something that stopped awkward questions at the school gates all her life- she soon got used to it.

When Avye's parents left, Nedra moved houses, from her tiny bungalow next door to Avye's old house to a mock-tudor detatched house with a garden and a swing in the outer parts of London. Nedra became Avye's only friend, and she still remembered being sung to on dark nights when she couldn't sleep. It was that same lilting tune that she was humming to herself now. Avye would remember the words sometimes, but she couldn't at the moment. Something about time passing, she thought.

When Avye turned 5, Nedra enrolled her in the local school. The first little girl that Avye met on her very first day had bouncing blonde bunchies and a wide, white smile.

"Hello, I'm Samantha Ruby Newman! What's your name?" Avye had introduced herslelf shyly, and Samantha Ruby Newman had wrinkled her nose.

"Ay-vee-ee? That's a silly name. Samantha is much better." and she turned on her heel and strutted off.

"It's pronounced Av-ee-ay. But I suppose Samantha is a very pretty name. " Avye said, loudly. Sammi spun around and beamed.

"It is, isn't it! Do you want to be friends?" and she trotted over and linked her arm through Avye's. Avye unlinked her arm, then simpered at Sammi.

"No thanks- I don't think I want to be friends with someone like you, thank you." and she walked off towards a group of girls standing by the bookcase who were staring at her. Little did she realise that she'd just made a lifetime enemy of Samantha Ruby Newman.

One of the shocked looking girls finally spoke up. "You just ditched Samantha." she gazed at Avye as if she had just walked on water. "I'm Rosie." Rosie seemed too scared to say any more, so Avye sat down next to her and smiled warmly at her.

A Mozart piano sonata awoke Avye from her memories. She reached over to her bedside table to find her mobile. She glanced at the display fleetingly before answering. Only one person ever called her, and right now, she seriously needed a chat.

"Hey Rose, what's up?"

The End

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