The Time Twisters

So, there are the Time Keepers, Time Twisters and Time Souls. Time Keepers are the people where all time goes once it's been lived... after that it's their time and noone can change it. But before? Before they have it the Time Twisters can change it. They travel back and forth through time, changing and twisting it as they go; for instance, if they went to a war and helped the side who lost so that they won, time would be twisted as a vital moment in history had been changed so suddenly.However, there has to be people throughout time, living it. Those people are Time Souls - what time's made up of. There are minute Time Souls and more important Time Souls called Wisers who became like that trying to and continuing to fight the Time Twisters.

Fortunatly, not everyone knows about the journey of time, and to those people, Wisers are simply like the government. Now, I know what you're thinking: " Wow. I've been classed as a minute "Time Soul". So can you please get on with the story?!" But let me tell you a few things first.

This isn't planet Earth we're on about here - it's an unknown parallel planet called Xulhaa(think Zoola) where everyone can do magic. Strolling down the street seeing a teenager practising magic and a six year old walking a skeleton dog would be cast as normal and, trust me, there are much weirder things in this place.

Just so you know, there are four types of magic available to do - Dreamer( dream of something and you get it), Shadowcrawl(enlope into the shadows and use them to fight with), Elemental( use the elements to fight with), and Transformer( can transform into any animal and use their abilities). Up until you're eighteen you get to choose two of them to consider, after that you have to make your decision.

So, what are you thinking now?


The End

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