The Beast

"ARRRGGHHH!!!" The beast Roared at the top of his lungs. "THAT WENCH IS MINE! SHE CANNOT LEAVE ME!"

He grunted and jumped on his horse,  causing the horse to grunt and shift with the weight change, the metal links in the bridle clashing to create a "chink" sound. He rode back to the castle, his anger illuminating in the darkness of the forest.

The castle looked extremely eerie this time of night. The dark stone walls surrounding the castle were worn and crumbling. The Gate no longer in use, always open, frozen in time with the rust of neglect. The castle its self was ruined, one half completely gone, broken down with the rages of war and suffering.

Even the servants no longer looked healthy. They were bruised, hiding shyly away as the Beast sped towards the castle grunting with anger. They automatically new the princess had jumped time.... again.

The Beast jumped off the horse and nearly broke the large oak doors as he stormed into the dreadfully dark castle, pulling off his long, moth-eaten coat and throwing it to the nearest servant, who flinched but caught the coat just in time.

"Sir, would you like dinner and a bath?" asked one servant quietly, walking slightly behind the Beast to save himself from being hit.

"NO! I'm going to my chambers, do not disturb me until I call the kitchen staff. UNDERSTOOD!?" He looked to the servant, the disgruntled, bitterness glistening in his eyes.

"Y-yes sir" The servant hurried off as the Beast reached his chambers and threw open the door.   

"I WILL FIND HER!!" He shouted to himself as he passed the tall, four poster bed, with the deep, red silk sheets hanging off the edge, the curtains torn. The Beast opened a secret passage beside a broken, dusty bookcase and hurried down the curved stone stairs to his lair.

The lair was a small dark room with a small wooden table and one single glowing object in the middle. The object was hidden under a large blue cloth, the light barely shining through the thick fabric; just enough to cast short shadows on the floor below.

The Beast threw the cloth off the object to reveal a large glass heart with a gray gas floating within.

"Lady Flora!" The beast spoke urgently.

The smoke in the heart began to turn a deep shade of red, almost like blood, and suddenly turned a dark purple before disappearing to reveal the princess laughing in a small room with a young boy. Suddenly a date turned up in the purple smoke:

"2010" Said the beast... pulling out a large gold, medallion necklace, a large ruby in the center. The beast started to rub the gem repeating the words "2010" in a low whisper.  

The End

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