The Time Travelling Fairy Tale!?

"Once upon a time in 1620--1970--1430---2010---2045--2006 (???) there was a Princess--teenage- Okay what's going on here?? I thought I was meant to tell a story! But the time is not the same and the person changed roles!? How am I supposed to keep up!?" Thus the story of the time tavelling fairy tale.



I'm running.

My eyes blurred, my breathing heavy. My heart pounding in my chest, as I hear the heavy foot steps of the fowl beast behind me.

"PRINCESS!!!" He yells his voice deep and demanding "GET BACK HERE YOU WENCH!!"

I run faster, but I trip on a root, too tired to pull myself up. Suddenly he's on me. Turnning me over to look at my face. I smell his putrid breath as it hangs in autumn air.

"HOW DARE YOU TRY TO RUN!!" He shouts in my face "FOR THAT YOU SHALL PAY!" His hand reaches for my torn dress.

"NO!!!" I scream trying to get free; he pins me by the waist, allowing free movement of my arms and legs, so I push out. I try to shove him away, but unexpectedly the ground gives out and I fall into blackness....




"NO!!" I scream sitting up, panting. I look at my torn dress and my eyes begin to water... "No doubt the beast got what he wanted..." I think to myself lowering my head.

"U-um hello" Said a voice beside me.

I jump and move back, tipping myself onto a hard floor. Quickly getting up I cover myself with what I realize is a blanket and look over to see a boy about the same age as me, sitting next to a small bed with blue blankets and pillows. 

"Wh-who are you!?" I shout at him "Where am I!?" I look around the room.

"Shh please" he says quietly " My parents will hear you" He looks to the door behind him. "I will explain everything, just please sit down and be quiet"

Staring at him suspiciously, I slowly walk to the bed and sit down, making sure not to sit too close to him. 

"My name is Jeremy" He smiles nervously "I -um- I found you here, in my room, when I came home from school. " He pauses so I can talk. I say nothing, so he continues " You have been sleeping here for a week..."

" I take a better look around the room, noticing a few things, A book case here and a shelf or two there with a few unknown items on them. He continues on.

" I was hoping you would wake up soon." He speaks, soft and gentle " My mom cleans the house today and if she finds you I will be grounded" we make eye contact, looking away after a second or two.

"I was wondering.." He pauses "I-if you might not be from here." He looks at me curiously. I return the look.

"Well... umm.. I am not sure" I eye him up looking at his strange clothes. " I do not think so... you look rather different than most men I have seen"

He blushes slightly at the word 'men' and smiles "I'm not a man.. I'm only 15" His expression becomes sad and he looks down "I'm nothing but a wimp.." He says softly..

Pity overwhelms me and I feel compelled to say something, yet I have no clue what so I let the moment pass, as he returns to normal.

" What is your name anyway...." He asks Kindly "And how old are you?"

"Oh!" I blush "My name is Lady Flora and I am 15" I reply

"Well Lady Flora, I hope... we can be friends." He smiles nervously.

I have no idea why, but I smile in return and relax a little.

"I think we can help each other" I say giggling, for the first time in... 'in what time??' I think to myself, knowing that I'm just so relieved to be away from the beast that I don't really care.

The End

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