A little bit to bargain with.Mature

Emmet Lavart is an introvert inventor on the verge of inventions. One day he breaks ground when he breaks the ground and discovers that this little slice of depression he calls home was once the location of a secret society of exiled scientists who had (almost) perfected the art of time travel.

Yes, this appears to be the abandoned home of some long dead hermit or a lonely hoarder who more than likely met his demise among the piles of pseudo treasure he had so carefully guarded. But as we all know, appearances can be deceiving. Only, in this case, what appears to be is not far from the actual truth.

Welcome to the home of Emmet Lavart, The introverted inventor who is, well... alive. though to see him asleep may cause you to second guess that fact. While Mr. Lavart is an inventor he has yet to invent something that might improve his health. and so he toils over outdated technology hoping to improve upon that which has already been made obsolete by modern advancements. growing ever closer to his own end.

Why does he bother? well, as I mentioned before, Mr. Lavart is an introvert, which is just a fancy word for socially awkward loner. Emmet Lavart has no friends or family and therefore no one to communicate with from the "outside world". This poses a problem for an inventor, as someone who needs to be up to date, Emmet has no idea what people really need, only a vague concept of the fact that people do "need" things.

(Tune in next- nevermind, who cares if I ever finish it.. I just want to try and pique some interest in some idea.. maybe get a laugh or two, maybe if this gets any traffic I'll keep going but I kind of doubt it)

The End

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