The Time of Solar: Daegan

The world was orange, for the man wearing battered Metallurgic armour. As he ran his muscles started to scream his sinews tearing the pain engulfing him. The world seemed silent to him but in reality it was a torrent of sound. The plasma weapons going off shooting all around him, but these deadly projectiles didn't deter him. He kept his eyes locked on the sandbag wall where his commander was making a stand. The ground was torn up from next to him as a plasma cannon shot battered the rocky wasteland that was Beorbe, he was rocked to the side but he kept running. A strange skinny red skinned native leapt out in front of him, but before it could even charge up its Las cannon the man hefted his large assault rifle and unleashed a world of pain into the beast making its skin bubble and boil and then it dropped dead. All that happened in less than two seconds. The man was nearly there when the disaster he was on his way to prevent killing his commander happened. But it happened not where it was expected. The Soear, a new atomic/plasma bomb dropped behind him the shock wave carried him off his feet as the acidic plasma rolled on in a Tsunami towards the sandbag wall.  The man landed at the feet of the commander looked up to tell him then the wave rolled over the sandbag wall. This had not only been a valiant stand it had been the Daeganearian warrior's last stand.  


The End

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