The party

Jaime was the perfect guy, as far as Catelyn was concerned. He had emerald green eyes that sparkled when he laughed. His golden blonde hair fell in soft, loose ringlets to just above his shoulders. He was captain of the school football team and the Sports Committee. Not only was he strong, but he was smart too. He got good grades and he was on the Quiz Team. Everybody loved Jaime. He was the answer to Catelyns prayers. He sat beside her in English and Maths, which was the highlight of her week. When he asked her if she was on msn or facebook she was so surprised that she forgot to answer. She sat there, staring at his perfect face, mouth agape. She blushed when her smiled, asking her if she was okay. Oh, how Catelyn loved that smile!

When the time came for the party, Catelyn's stomach was all butterflies. Jaime looked especially handsome. "You look great" he said, flashing that perfect smile. "That colour suits your eyes". Catelyn blushed as she got into the car. "Thank you". All Catelyn could do was smile as they travelled to the party, she could not believe that God had finally answered her prayers.

The End

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