Part 3

"The sky? But..I don't..I don't understand.."

Z had to recollect her thoughts as one of the eyballs on the thing's hair blinked. She shook her head. She had fallen from the sky. She looked up to the sky before looking at the tsrange creature once more. He looked as mystified as she felt. Mystified and shocked. But then again, Z thought, it was possible that that was the way he looked on a normal basis. She wouldn't know.

Her subconscious was still trying to find a reasonable explanation for what was going on. It was looking to her, more by the minute, that this might not be dream after all. She pulled at the grass. Too real. Much too real. Everything was much too real. She was pretty sure her imagination was nothing as vivid as all this.

The creature continued to stare at her, one delicate eyebrow raised, as though she was the strange one. Z sat up again, and rubbed at her head. Her eyes fell on the machine then. Just lying a few feet from where the creature crouched. The machine, that her father had thrust to her, in the middle of the night, sat gleaming on the grass. Barely bigger than Z's outstreched palms, it was silver with wires coming out of it at intervals. A highly polished pole stuck out in the middle of the silver box, two buttons on either side. One red and the other green.

The creature saw her looking at the machine and handed it too her. She took it, marvelling at how something so small could have caused her and her father so much trouble. How something so small could have eaten away more than half thier budget.

Z's father had always been interested in anti- gravity, being obssesed with how much he believed Newton was wrong, that gravity could be tampered with. How he had been adamant on the fact that Einstein could have been right. That Albert Einstein's general theory about mass actually causing space and time to warp around it was correct.

But what if he had made a breakthrough and created something else? Some that sent to a whole other world, where there were green skinned people and two tailed dogs? A second Narnia?

Z stroked the machine. "Where..where am I?"

"In Memphis, of course." Was the coarse reply. "Matyr's park."

That stalled her for a second. "But...What are you then? Is that face paint?"

The thing rolled its eyes. If that was a costume of some kind then it was pretty convincing.

"Yeah! Act like you've never seen a Trubian before.

"A what?"

"A Trubian. The result of hundreds of years of mutation. Thought that was high school stuff?" He eyed the machine. "What's that?"

Z opened her mouth to answer and had to pause and clear her throat. "It's supposed to generate tiny amounts of anti- gravity matter."

Z had listened to enough of her father's ramblings to get that concept. The rest, she wasn't so sure. She tended to zone out whenever her dad started on his lectures.

"What do you mean supposed?"

She shrugged and motioned her hand to her surroundings. "This is Matyr's park but it's not the Matyr's park I know...It's different somehow." The person- Trubian or not, Z was pretty sure she could classify him as a person- raised an eyebrow to urge her on. The eyebrows were pretty expressive; they helped where there was no eyes to show how he was feeling.

"I pressed a button on this and something must have happened." She shrugged again. The person held out his hand for the machine. Z gave it to him, realizing that if he had wanted to hurt her, he would have done it while she was lying on the grass. His green hands brushed hers. She was surprised that his skin weren't scaly as she had tought it would be. it was velvety smooth and so soft.

"Hmm..this is encased in lead and steel...Where did you get this?" He's tone was suddenly sharp. Z jumped a little, as his eyebrows waggled all over the place.

"Emm.."  She stuttered "Its just somethig my father's working on."

The person stood out of their crouch. "Then you're father's gonna have some explaining to do when the Council find out about this." He held the machine up.

"What? Why?!"

"Lead and steel were banned a hundred years ago. They can not be found anywhere except from underground dealers."

"Lead and steel banned? What are you talking about?"

"That's the wrong question to be asking. You should be asking yourself the kind of trouble you're gonna be in. You better have a good expalnation, or else the council will eliminate you and your father both."


The End

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