Part 2

The world, in a  brlliant flash of sunlight, came into focus. She opened and closed her eyes, until they stopped watering, so she could see properly. This wasn't her home, this wasn't Memphis. And this was most definately not what she was expecting. The dog continued to wag its tail, oblivious to Z's growing distraught state. Still too woozy to be frighthened, Z figured that she was still dreaming.  She fell back on to the grass and closed her eyes. The sun was way too bright, way too big and definately way too close. The heat of the sun remeinded her of the summer days she'd so wished for when she had spent a week in Alaska with her father. And she had always wanted a dog. Yes. That made sense.

Suddenly, so abruptly that she didn't have a chance to react, two hands pushed her into the ground. Two hands that lanede on her chest and began to prod and press her though her padded parka, like a police search. The hands worked their way into every cease of her clothing, every crevice. Z froze. She knew then that she had been to optimistic to have thought that she'd actually gotten away from the agent. Now they had her. She stalled her thoughts when she realized that this was no ordinary police search. The person was riffling through her pockets and emptying it of its contents.

Z had the sense to close her eyes and lie still. She'd heard of muggers but had never actually encountered one before.  But common sense told her that if she pretended to be unconscious, he would take whatever he wanted and leave her be.

She let her breath out slowly, and cautiously cracked her eyes open. The mugger had moved on to her legs and it looked as though, strange as it might sound, that he was examining her trainers. He stroked the material, examined the soles and pulled at the laces.

Confusion and fear rolled into a ball in Z's chest- why the hell was he so interested in her sneakers? was he a mugger or just plain cray?

He had in his hand the coins he had found in her pocket. He looked at it with what seemed to fascination on his face before he bit it in his mouth. He then pockected it.

He turned around and Z got her first real view of him. What she saw made her gasp. His skin appeared to be a pale sickly green, a green that shimmered and sparkled when the sun fell on it. His hair was spiked around is head, the colour a darker shade of green than his skin. There was something that appeared to be eyes at the end of each spike. It's- His- she wasn't sure which- eyes were blue, without and an iris or a pupil. Just a block of blue in that green background. But what had taken her breath away was the fact that he had no mouth. Nothing. Just a stretch of skin where his mouth should have been.

He turned around when he heard the gasp and stared down at her. Seconds later, Z let out a blood curdling scream. The only sound in the deathly silence.

The scream lasted for about a quarter of a second before hands claspsed, lightneneing fast, around her mouth, drowning out the sceam.

"Shut it!"

Z's screams stuck in her throat, when she realized how normal the voice sounded. How human. But there was no way that this thing in front of her could be human.

"You have no reason to fear me. But tell me how exactly you fell out of the sky, more alive than dead?"

Z stared at him, dumbstruck.

The End

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