The Time Machine

"Have you ever wondered what your life would be like if you did something differently? Well now is your chance! Buy a time machine and never look back! Buy now and pay nothing until next year! Offer lasts until June 21st. Subject to availability. Terms and conditions apply."  I am so going to need a new spam filter, thought Catelyn as she scrolled through her inbox. This was the third ad. for a time machine that her computer had let through. She went through her emails, deleting all the junk. Thats when she saw it. An email from Jaime. Though they hardly spoke to one another at school, her heart soared every time he smiled at her. She opened the email.

"Hey Catelyn. What are you doing this weekend? My cousin has a beech house down south and we're headed there for a massive party. You want to come? I could pick you up at your house and drive you down. Bring an over-night bag with some spare clothes . Hope you can go. Its going to be the best party ever. Anyway, see you tomorrow xx Jaime"  OH MY GOD!!!!! JAIME INVITED ME TO HIS PARTY!!!!!!!!  Catelyn could not wait to tell her friend Sarah, but her reply to Jaime was more important.  "Sure, I'd love to go" she wrote. "What time can you pick me up? xx Catelyn". She hit send.


The End

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