The Time Capsule

“Over here!” Darth Kirk called out, pointing his detector at the ground. “Bring the porter!”

Kirk’s field assistants, Worf Connor and Starbuck Rogers, wheeled a large device to the spot where he stood. Connor adjusted a parabolic dish on top of the device, aiming it where Kirk had indicated.

“It’s two meters down,” Kirk instructed. “Let’s bring it up.”

Starbuck Rogers keyed in the settings on the device’s control unit, and the porter hummed to life. Within moments, a metal cylinder materialized in the porter’s catch chamber. The ground next to the porter shifted and settled.

Darth Kirk lifted the cylinder out of the chamber. It was half a meter tall, one decimeter in diameter, and heavy. Darth Kirk laid the cylinder on the ground and read the inscription carved into its side.

“Set in the earth so that future generations can know us. Four July Nineteen Seventy-Six.”

“That’s over two hundred years old!” Starbuck exclaimed!

The cylinder hissed as Darth Kirk unscrewed its lid. When Kirk lifted the lid off, a gust of wind from the canister brushed back his hair.

Kirk reached into the canister and came up with a handful of paper. Documents and photographs, which would be catalogued later at the archive. Other items included a tiny mannequin, labeled “Mattel”, a stone with the words “pet rock” hand-painted, another stone covered in white leather with red stitching (someone named Rawlings must have loved his pet so much that he provided it with clothes). And something none of them had seen before.

It was a disk, 3 cm across, yellow and made of polymer. There was a small hole in its hub, and three bent arms projected from the hub and spiraled around it.

“What is it?” Worf asked.

“Scan it,” Kirk said, handing her the disc. “See if you can find a reference.”

Worf did as she was told and ran the image of the disc through her computer.

“I think I have it,” she said moments later. “It’s something called… a swastika?”

The End

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