The Time AssociationMature

Some parts of the world, however mysterious, are not noticed by humans. They glance them over, and some part of their reasoning dictates that it needs not be noticed. This building, which 14 year old Darrian Kurtz finds, is one of those buildings. Darrian is about to find out one of the worlds best kept secrets, and become neck deep with danger, secrecy, and glow worms.


The last thing on my mind is to give to much away, this, while mostly a journal, is probably going to be read like a novel, because thats what asshole authors do when they are the ones who find secret journalsm, which is how i intend on leaving this.  I realize that so far this seems like rambling, but once we read more of this story i can almost assure you my epic journey will more then account for it. 

Life is full of mysteries,  Big Foot, The Loch ness monster, chubracabra, the existance of a fair government, and these don't even scratch the serface, and most of these don't even exist. The secret i'm going to explain in multiple sentances and chapters, is one of the few the world covets as humanity has yet to capatalize on, a status that, while my intentions are pure, will change for good. 

Now, before i begin, keep an open mind, to you a lot of the things in this story could probably be considered "Magical" which is basically just science to those knowlagable with the subject. And above all else, do not seek out anything that i shall explain in this story unless you intend to have your life rocked for good and have everything uprooted. Forget jobs, forget relationships, forget internet porn, everything will be gone. 

Well, now that all that pre-story bullshit is out of the way, its time to start this seemingly rediculous story with where it started. A small town in the baby boomer era, if i remember correctly. 

The End

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