Chapter 2: Flash of White

The wolves ran through the woods with amazing speed. They were all incredible runners with extreme speed and stamina. Delilah was only slightly ahead of the other two but gaining speed. Delilah had the best stamina although Oliver had the most speed, and Erin was best at avoiding trees, logs and such. But eventually Delilah's stamina won out.

She was getting far ahaead of the other two. She was gaining distance so fast she couldn't pick up anything of the other two. She let our a short howl of excitment, and flew out of the trees. This was the finish line for the race. She lay just outside of the woods watching for the slowpokes to finish up.

Then she saw a flash of white in the trees. She stood immediatly. There weren't many white animals that big. When she spotted it again she had to investigate. She walked over to where she saw it the first time and smelled the tracks. "Fresh, duh." she thought to herself. They were hoofprints in the dirt and Delilah thought to follow them.

She followed her nose so that she could look out for trees. She had been on the trail for about 15 min when Oliver and Erin caught up. "What are you doing?" Oliver hissed breathing heavily. "Tracking!'' said Delilah. "What exactly?" Erin asked, looking even smaller standing next to the huge Oliver.

"I don't know!" she said happily. "Well, I suppose we could follow it for a couple of days for some entertainment." Erin said thoughtfully. "Yes!" Delilah exclaimed.

And so the trek began.

The End

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