The Thrill of the Hunt

A wolf is chasing the answers to life. She ponders questions on her journey but little does she know the stag she's hunting is the key to her questions, and to the survival of the world.

She pounded through the woods, hearing  the barks of the hounds hot on her tail. 'This isn't working.'  she thought. She was hoping to save some steam for later but looks like she would have to go all out today. She increased speed, dodging trees, jumping logs, and frightening small animals in her path.

The barks of the hounds were soon far behind her. After a few minutes of a slower walk she reached a cave. She lay down and licked her paws. Yes you heard me right. Delilah was a wolf. She had snuck into a farmer's chicken pen because she was aching for a meal. When the farmer saw her finishing the remnants of her meal he shot at her. Luckily, she was fast and dodged them but the farmer let out the hounds. They were no match for her speed.

Delilah was a medium sized red wolf with flecks of brown spotting her fur. She was very elegant with long legs and brown eyes. She had been in a small litter of 3. She had wandered off from her mother one day and hadn't found her way back. An old owl had shown her how to survive as a wolf. However, when she reached maturity he had dissapeared and was on her own. She had wandered into the forests and just searched around. When she picked up the scent of another wolf she had run after it imagining her mother. She was dissapointed to find another young wolf her age. His name was Oliver. His parents and siblings had been stolen and put in a zoo at a sensitive time in his life. The reason he hadn't been taken was that he had been out on a practice hunt his mom had sent him on.

With their similar histories they became fast friends. Now they did almost everything together. Delilah had one other friend named Erin. They had met shortly after Delilah had met Oliver. The three of them were inseperable. They had done everything together.

In her cave Delilah heard footsteps outside. She shrank into the shadows, already in her defensive crouch. "Pssssst." came a voice. It was Oliver. He padded into the cave. He was a HUGE wolf. His legs were powerfully muscled which added to the frightnening image of his dark black fur. HIs eyes were gentle gloden things though. His tail swished as he entered the cave.

Then out of nowhere Delilah pounced. They rolled around on the floor, each trying to get the upperhand. Oliver had a great advantage with his stregnth but Delilah had her smaller size and speed on her side. She managed to pin him and they both left out a wolfish-laugh.

They sat together in the cave and watched the woods for Erin's approach. As usual she appeared quietly and out of the place they least expected. She was a small gray wolf with a marshmellow-white underside. She was a silent determined hunter. But when she wasn't hunting she was full of chatter to fill every silence.

She loped up to them and said "Hey guys what's up for today? When can we hunt? I'm starved. Some stupid critted stole the food in my cave I was gonna have for breakfast. So what are we doing today?" See what I mean?

"I was thinking we'd have a little race." said Delilah with a mischevious smile.

The End

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