Early Beginnings

Three blokes , one valley and a trove of mysteries.

The rain lashed the windows of the car as it made its way down the hill. The Fortress , as the locals liked to call the hill , was the line of divide between the town and the Nocturn valley.
 "I'm bored ", came a voice from the back seat. Earl , a lanky 19 year old , was again experiencing one of his moments of restlessness. He had been the most enthusiastic when the group decided to explore the Nocturn valley and its many myths.
However , It seemed , the lack of any action had taken its toll on Earl.
" It's only 10 more miles to go , bud " , replied Jon.
 Jon , the 20 year old De facto leader of the group , held the steering wheel more firmly. He could barely see out of the wind screen. The mist was closing in on them from all sides. 
" I hope the cottage survives this night " , said Gary , as another bolt of lightning streaked through the sky. Gary looked out of the window trying to make some sense of his surroundings .
 Gary , was the youngest member of the group at 18 years of age. He had an easy going outlook towards life. Always ready for a challenge , he liked taking things as they came. 

Jon kept quiet. He was wondering whether they had made the right choice taking up this assignment. Mr. Charles , the town mayor , had asked them to investigate the strange things happening in the Nocturn Valley. 

Flashing lights , Strange sounds and stranger tales seemed to be troubling the mayor. Jon , Earl and Gary had been passing through the town , when they heard about these strange stories from the local pub owner.
" Mr Charles' been losin' his sleep over this. Looking for someone who can go into the valley and finding out the truth behind this. " the bartender had told them.

Mr Charles did seem to be quite unsettled because of all this. Earl wasted no time in declaring that they would like to help. Jon and Gary also privately agreed that this would do them a world of good. The start to their investigation careers had not gone as they had planned. This seemed like a really good thing to work upon.

Mr Charles had given them the keys to his cottage located near the Black Grove about 10 miles inside Nocturn Valley. "Make sure you uncover the truth boys..." Mr Charles had told them.

Another bolt of lightning shook Jon out of his reverie.

" Hey , I can see the cottage ! " , Exclaimed Earl. "It's good we finally made it here. I'm starving. " replied Gary.

Light shown through the windows of the cottage. A bobbing light revealed to be a lantern carried by the caretaker of the cottage.

" Get inside the cottage , boys ! . Storm's coming !" , roared the caretaker. " This is goin' to be a rough night ". 

The End

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