The Three Atmospheres Book 3: Eagle Flame

If you don't know the stock plotline, read number 1... NOW! Anyway, the thid installment in an epic series focuses on a young adult situated in the pyro atmosphere. Things tend to be peaceful... he's in love with a beautiful, enthusiastic girl who beams wtih happiness. Everything seems perfect until the experiment of the professor turns him, his girlfriend and the professor's daughter against each other.


  The year 3010, millennia have passed since the bio paradise exceeded the humans' tom-foolery. We were now outcasts... the planet's unlucky wanderers who just so happened to be born as a gift at the wrong moment. Global warming was a myth, however, risks weren't to be dealt or taken. CO₂ was being released. Even though past experiments state that carbon dioxide wasn't a culprit; scientists feared that if the Earth were to take advantage of our burning and combustion, we would dwindle to exist.

          So three scenarios were devised so if any of the conditions of global warming were to overpower us, we could adapt to the settings. One: the world would freeze over, depleting countless crops and harming survival thus creating the cryogenic atmosphere. Two: our species would feel so guilty; we would shroud the world in trees and plants thus creating the biogenetic atmosphere. Three: our use of carbon dioxide heating up the Earth would cause it to get hotter and there would be more cases of eruptions and lava flows thus creating the pyrogenic atmosphere. Selected people were propagated in each to breed humans capable of surviving their allocated climate. I've had to struggle in many ways to fulfil that duty. I'm only a child, how do they expect me to "breed" so easily? However, my life is full of girls who have feelings for me, but they all wish to slaughter me despite their bond with me. This overcomplicates the previous scientists' ambitions completely.

But these females didn't always want to have me by the throat; it was their animal instinct combined with that of a human. I, on the other hand have always been gifted... with my eagle eyes. The grace and power sealed within an eagle's excellent breast muscles and slicing wings all pulsing through my body. Maybe, since then, the breeding ambition has become more possible for me. I'm feeling more confident in every way. My pet eagle often flies back and teaches me much about the life I'm now accustomed to. But as long as I'm stranded in the pyro atmosphere, I'll always be hunted down by my girlfriends.


The End

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