The Three Atmospheres Book 2: Thistle Whips

If you don't know the stock plotline, read number 1... NOW! This book however focuses on a rich, spoilt and bratty blonde girl called Corona (Italian for crown) who takes her pampered lifestyle for granted. She (in her eyes) is absolutely perfect, no flaws just beauty. She feels that everyone adores her but this all changes through one unpleasant event.


  The year 3010, millennia have passed since the bio paradise could bear such vagrants. We were now ambassadors to the planet's defences we laid waste to. Global warming was a myth, it was right trash, and however, risks weren't to be dealt or taken. CO₂ is obviously just a scam. Even though I had ran out of make-up, they didn't split the world into three for me did they?!

          So three scenarios were devised so if any of the conditions of global warming were to overpower us, we could adapt to the settings. One: the world would freeze over, depleting countless crops and harming survival thus creating the cryogenic atmosphere. Two: our species would feel so guilty; we would shroud the world in trees and plants thus creating the biogenetic atmosphere. Three: our use of carbon dioxide heating up the Earth would cause it to get hotter and there would be more cases of eruptions and lava flows thus creating the pyrogenic atmosphere. Selected people were placed in each to breed humans capable of surviving their allocated climate. Personally, I think it's really unfair since it's forcing me to marry some strangers. However, since I'm such a gem of greatness, they placed me in the richest city in the Bio Atmosphere- Frisceña. Ever since, I've been waited on because everyone can't resist my alluring beauty.  

But soon, it was the most important day of the year, my Birthday. Plus I was thirteen so surely everyone would want to go out with me. Still, as you can imagine, people are desperate for survival and grow envious of other peoples' possessions. It is true that there are people out in the Bio Atmosphere that reject such a great lifestyle like mine. They refuse to live a rich life. I don't care though, I'm strong willed and that's why I always get what I want. They can try to survive in the brutal jungles but in the end, the conclusion is the same... I will win!   


The End

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