Chapter 6

Chapter 6

          Mount Izio feared for generations of so-expected eruptions, large and devastating enough to leave the entire world ruined. Its heart like a terrifying furnace, invaded by those swayed with stories (lies) of greed, wealth and immortality. Only those who stand immobilised, those who turn defeats into victories, those whose losses make them stronger can prevail in this wretched dominion.

          It was by a sizzling caldera that Drake mourned the death of his former ally; however, his face remained emotionless. He swooned on a rubble rock while Monty paced up and down unstable stone, observing many dancing fireballs.

          "There's a lot of volcanic activity in here," he whispered. Drake remained motionless. "You know, it's ok to care for Willurby." He was concerned too: It was all well and good if they traversed the fiery death-trap but at its end lay a greater danger... Lavarter! In the past they'd feuded on who would tangle with the flipper demon, now they just wished there were three people to argue with. Soon, Drake emerged.

          "I've got to fix this, no matter what the cause." Realising what he had just agreed to, he glanced over at the swampy land of gloomy red death. Embers flickered all around him and poisonous gases overwhelmed him.

          "Chipper as always?" Monty queried in a major key. Drake's coat that glistened with the swirling flakes now darkened in colour. The eerie roars emitted by the volcanic activity pierced the line of courage and intimidation. It had been enough to cut down even the most intrepid explorer in his/her prime. Monty braved up and murmured.

          "It seems we'd have no chance crossing this," he beheld the lake of magma that choked the room. Instead, he resorted quickly to their previous way in... a small but helpful hollow hole in the basalt.

          This brought them to a somewhat familiar (to them) corridor. Despite the fact that it was narrow and weak, it was a place keen to push back the magma and shielded them like a peaceful walk down a lane of glossy cherries. But our travellers didn't have luxuries such as worrying about a mutant cherry toppling over on them. No, their fears were of the essence of time weakening the path which by the way, was formed by much trickling lava cascading through it. Concealing themselves, they ducked and crept down the hall. They could see an alcove... a way out! Unfortunately, destiny has a way of seizing that glimmer of hope from those that may even think that they've made it out alive. Conveniently, for Drake and Monty: this was a giant slashing lump of rock to plummet through the ceiling.

          "Drake!" Monty called. Drake's ignorance would cost him dearly; if it wasn't the granite that would slowly grind him to a pulp, it would be the following uppercut of pyroclastic doom. Luckily for Drake, being slow-to-react and ignorant comes with a price... a good trait. A facet of hope. Cat-like reflexes gifted Drake. The rock became just a mere spark in his heart. He bravely sensed it and as if he were a ninja, he leapt gracefully at the wall's left flank, squeezed past the scraping boulder and reversed himself off the rubble and into the safe ridge of the other side. Raised his self esteem did that fete to Drake; it braced him for the elements that stacked themselves up against him. ‘Twas only now that he was enlightened, empowered by his haunting rage. Monty crawled across slightly less epically over the floored rock but his wailing tactics didn't leave a dent on him and reassured Drake.

          "See, don't be discouraged. The feeling of Willurby's destructive warmth hasn't left you; his spirit is merely bearing down on you. Today, Willurby is with us and so is destiny... I know it." Drake wasn't even in the most miniscule way, shape or emotion moved just motivated so the duo sprang some more rocks and swerved off to danger and adventure: just what they had been missing.

          Meanwhile some rage stirred. The feeling when you're angry but you don't know who at. The feeling when the pencil of toleration just snapped under pressure. The feeling when "Right... that's the last straw!" The beast within Izio's fiery heart knew it. Rumour had it he had just been warned by a lava dolphin. Funnily enough, this may not have been Lavarter. 

          Amber presence filled Monty's golden heart when they experienced the tremors. Normally, a tremor is a clamouring signal, one that rumbles your spirits but Monty found it strangely soothing. Like good news. Then again, when you're fuelled with the desire to venture on, anything could be good news. Drake, on the other hand, was stirred even more, always on the guard like an agitated cat of ginger fear and tabby strokes of duty. Monty halted him.

          "Restraint! We don't know who's here!" Then at just that moment, as if to prove a point, a slight flapping nose echoed from around an invisible corner... A horde of angry soldiers were coming, raged by their presence! No! Not soldiers, just a marching band of lava dolphins. Drake was relieved.

          "Thank God it's you guys. We're kinda in a struggle, could you help us?"  Shuddering, the dolphins were immobilized, their beady eyes resting on their helpless targets. "Guys?" Drake repeated. Suddenly, an eruption of intense magma showered from their blowholes perfectly aimed at the heroes. Monty quickly grabbed the temperature changer around Drake's chest and turned it vigorously. It read "ice-cold" as to protect them from heat. Finally ripping the cap off the device, Monty ducked down as an epic charge of blizzards roared at the antagonists, dowsing their flames for good. Drake's chest mended itself and he turned to Monty.

          "Did you really have to do that?"

          "I kinda gathered you needed it, a huge onslaught of fire at your head," Monty exaggerated. Drake then tapped the frostbitten dolphin's stiff noses and listened to Monty's valuable advice. "EMP device. These temp-changers possess a vast amount of energy expelled to cool or heat the body. If the energy is discharged, it repels an awesome burst of such power. Running his frigid fingers over the frozen surface of a dolphin's fearful expression, Drake noticed.

          "We don't have much time but... those dolphins had to come from somewhere and since they attacked us, I take it that they were under Lavarter's commands."

          A craggy alcove gave way to an enormous, craggy ridge. Lava, bubbling ferociously and swirling hypnotically filled the ground. They prepared to scale the slippery wall as to safely get to some ground below. Soon, before their desperate lowering down the harsh wall, a laugh rocketed from a billowing portal of pyroclastic ash. It seemed to be a young fellow bravely riding a lava dolphin through the vicious seas. Plunging directly to his doom, he cackled again. Feeling his spirit, Drake could tell this wouldn't be the demise of this free-spirited rider. A colossal spiral of flame burst into his chilled face. A noble drill of the dolphin's impenetrable nose and the fearless daredevil dived deep into the magma, leaving behind a menacing pit of which had no end. Confident of this rider's route, Drake decided to follow him consequently; he had to cross the lava.

          "That guy knows these caves. If anything, he knows them better than us so we give chase," Drake commanded. Unrest inside Monty concealed his knowledge of what was to come. Their limitless EMP devices had gripped the dolphins in an icy tomb but by doing so to a mythical creature with endless heat at its disposal... their physic could not last forever (there was no time for haste or for pleasantries).

          Violent ash billowed past Drake's red jacket. He desired its safety much so delicately began his descent. In the beginning, his clambering was solid but he couldn't take such trivial matters as a priority. Realising this, Monty took a more dangerous route down in sync with Drake. It was only when Monty could hear distant cries that he warned Drake:

          "Drake! My device is only temporary. Our powers are artificial. We have no audience on their battlefields. Basically... Scramble!!!!"

          Calculating the distance of the nearest ledge, Drake hopped off from the ever-more safe wall. His landing was bitter but he was breathing. Knees slightly giving way, Drake questioned Monty and his blissful, short rest that could not continue. Very much could he note Monty's scrambling movement down the wall. Very much did he crave Monty's safety. Monty's precautions were critical. His balance unstable. His time running out.

          On the other side of reality, Monty couldn't help noticing Drake's flaws in his strategy- he was going too slow as if immobilised- his future route was blocked. No easy grips presented themselves to him. There was only a devastating fall to Drake's route.

          None of them cared about their own personal escape. However, this undoing became clear quickly. Back-flipping soaked bodies appeared at the entrance. The dolphins! Drake snarled like a crazed wolf and went all out to protect Monty during his descent. Panicking, Monty eyed the dolphins and planned his move, pressurising himself to a jump. Drake swung his sword and crashed it deep into the basalt. Restabilising his position whilst practising this manoeuvre meant Drake had the chance to fling himself over to a ledge below Monty by a considerable amount. Monty, on the other hand grimaced at the impending ledge below him. He psyched it up in his mind. If this helped him even in the slightest he could do it. Summoning his courage, Monty wailed as he pounded fiercely onto his next platform. Great minds think alike. This ledge happened to be the one Drake was aiming so desperately for so Monty's melodramatic scream was actually the wake-up call for Drake... you dipstick!

The mid-air Drake mad to save his friend collided with the scientific calculator Monty which means nobody landed like that cat of hot ginger mentioned previously. Such precision had the cat but two mortal humans: vain. The cat, you see would've possessed much more grace in both gliding to the platform and if he plummeted and splattered at the bottom into a pile of rubble, at least he would've been able to munch down like a dirty monkey on the dolphin-like oppressors. The dolphins signalled to each other. They needn't blast the two off the side of their beloved interior; they now went for the jugular self-destructing in a heap of injury at its feet. But the jugular theory was limp as they bared no fangs like a malicious vampire or blood-red hound. Still, they hovered. They seemed to be searching for any signs of life but none so easy to notify were present. So, for just a second, they turned their moist backs. Then, for only a moment, the two humans sprang out from their miserable demise and confronted the notorious dolphins. For the next moment (that seemed to last forever) they eyed each other with envy of each other's power. Tension had them locked in an eternal second; psyching themselves up and never making a hasty or rash decision for if their opponents counter-attacked, they'd be completely open.

Bored of this situation, Drake lashed out with a ferocious box at the lead patrol dolphin. As a reply, it squealed and huddled back like a child into the wings of the wedged dolphins. Mammals that leapt with such velocity battered down Drake with one fell swoop of searing fire. Emanating from their shiny blowholes, the array of fiery death seemed to weaken after time. Examining this meant Monty was now in this rather deadly play. Unfortunately, the lead dolphin- thought to be a coward- returned: this time to battle Monty. This merciless hunter knew all too well of natural selection and Monty was rigid and older than the aspiring Drake. As Monty ducked for cover and dashed past Drake, the lead dolphin signalled with a raised flipper... to ambush the reckless man.    


The End

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