Chapter 2

Chapter 2

  Meanwhile, an ice-shifting shifty shifter rode the tame ice plains... alone. It was none other than the sinister General Fong. The unbearable cogs' squeals were purring to Fong, driving him to his waiting army, the ice under it howling to the elements. All was going to plan; undergo an impossible mission to help the Cartisacs or suffer the indignity of having your village crumble under your cowardly feet: an offer Drake could not resist. But where was this steel going? The ballistic General swerved in and out of the Shard Mountains, standing tall under the limp sun. Dodging ice debris that hid his hideout.

          He traversed the spiralling mountains, and came to a halt just before an eerie, blue tunnel. This bucket of bolts was too bulky and essential to the war effort to pass through. Suddenly, a bobsleigh shot out from the shifter's impenetrable belly. Fong rode this with ease as he was content with the hazardous surroundings. Soon, the tunnel was split and in not too short of a second, Fong shoved it to one side, rapidly dodging the dead end. Instead he chose the pass slippery path of a cliff face. Zooming out from the freezing tunnel, the slow motion jump left on Fong not the slightest sort of disorientation. He swung the vehicle clockwise so only the adapted treads pierced the opposing cliff. From their, he swindled up that mountain and reached its unforgiving summit.

          Dismounting the bobsleigh; Fong ignored the four pillars of colossal ice. He was only intent on summoning the wormhole that lay sleeping deep in the ice. Reciting a secret form, he opened a small hole under the ice. Its circular structure was fitted with minuscule vents that jetted steam into his face. This short moment where he was devoured by boiling steam was heaven due to the sustainability that had so long eluded him.

 Plummeting 30 stories until colliding with the cold hard shell of a crane, Fong never lost his footing as he marvelled at the construction of a new weapon. The whole factory was rusted in an eerie, red glow. Nevertheless, it was home. Dozens of workers hovered above the frame of a cylinder shape. Fong traversed a few raised walkways amid the chaos before coming to a lift. He happily controlled it to reach for a high bridge. This surely was the lair of the Cartisacs.

He then strolled into a door whose visage looked like that of two rusty saw blades. They silently gave way like standing guards for the General. The conference room was filled to the brim with heavily armed Cartisacs and other second in commands. Approaching an important regal podium, Fong addressed.

"My humble children, minor specs of the Cartisac realm but mighty giants over the peasant humans. No longer do we terrorize those oaths for hammors or cheeze or potartoes or whatever but with the construction of this new military device, we could bring down even Globillius in the paradise bio atmosphere. From now on, we dominate this puny planet and will continue to do so... for eternity!!!!" Cheers aroused in the crowd as they applauded their new general. "Now let's get down to business," a slide show descended. "A battering ram and siege tower in one, sounds crazy but is pure gold not only on the stock market but in social life and when I mean social life I mean terrorizing the masses and striking fear into peoples' hearts. This is Frosty Jaws. It will be fitted with giant metal jaws that open and clamp down on anything in its path. If anyone caught in its path survives that, they will face its devastating ice gauntlet fitted with brand new ice-throwers and the icecinerator as I would like to call it. Basically, when this baby hits the plains, the hills are gonna cry!"

Success was that conference, Fong had single-handedly rendered the Cartisac kingdom helpless to resist his educated, dictatorship-like plan. He was now exploring his construction site accompanied by one of his soldiers.

"You do realize we need at least ten tons of steel to complete this thing?" the soldier stated fearfully. Angrily, Fong turned, his beaming eyes a rage.

"Well, its good I took the time to threaten some humans to get it for me and their puny village will be the perfect little guinea pig mwaaaahhhhhh!" Fong cackled.

"But what if those hired humans rebel against this plan they were fooled to became a part of?" the soldier acknowledged.

"Oh please, those mortals don't have a clue what we're doing," Fong replied calmly. "Anyone want beer?!" he then bellowed. Everyone froze in the middle of their working to say "I". The soldier although he did want beer turned down the offer and groaned.

"Sir, if this backfires, you're going to lose the very kingdom you worked through the ranks for."

"Shut up with your proverbs and get back to work!" Fong hated people that thought he was either abusing his power or threatened his power. Technically, he was power mad!

Even though his soldier's proverbs didn't seem to get to him, Fong spent the rest of that day in a sealed vault he would like to call his study (he couldn't though because he was so depressed.) Say by the statistically remote chance he did lose the kingdom, everyone would shun him as they did the past generals. Another chance for freedom might abandon them. Impossible! The plan was too far ahead. Even that of the Croton, Broton and Proton Federation couldn't blast down Frosty Jaws now, even in its undefined, framed state. If he did lose the kingdom, he would have to flee; making sure the Croton Federation didn't attempt to capture him because there's only one place for a captured Cartisac... Jail!

Drake was a mess. A mess was Drake. Whatever way you would put it. His brain had fried with the very thought of not being able to accomplish his task. Then again, his brain fried when he tried to ponder what he was having for dinner. Having no idea on what would happen next, Monty and Willurby busted back into the hut.

"Damn door's broken again," Willurby clumsily moaned. Monty's professor hair tickled down to the back of his neck when he spotted Drake. Why was he acting so strange? Suddenly, Drake upturned his chair and hopped onto it announcing.

"I can't lie to you men; we're trading this cold plain that we call home for the pyro atmosphere, only there can we get quality steel and a lot of it." The others cringed at this statement as not many outsiders that went to the pyro atmosphere were adapted to the poisonous gases.   


The End

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