The Three Atmospheres Book 1: Frosty Jaws

The world has split into 3 extreme climates and the only way to survive is to struggle, learn, evolve and fight all the magical creatures that neighbour you. The first of an epic series. Every book focuses on the life/lives of a different individual/s. This focuses on Monty, Drake and Willurby of the Cryo Atmosphere, a gang that get themselves into trouble just to protect their village from antagonist oppressors.


  The year 3010, millennia have passed since the bio paradise exceeded the humans' tom-foolery. We were now ambassadors to the planet's defences we laid waste to. Global warming was a myth, however, risks weren't to be dealt or taken. CO₂ was being released. Even though past manuscripts state that carbon dioxide wasn't a culprit; scientists feared that if the Earth were to take advantage of our dodo-like awareness, we would be wiped out.

          So three scenarios were devised so if any of the conditions of global warming were to overpower us, we could adapt to the settings. One: the world would freeze over, depleting countless crops and harming survival thus creating the cryogenic atmosphere. Two: our species would feel so guilty; we would shroud the world in trees and plants thus creating the biogenetic atmosphere. Three: our use of carbon dioxide heating up the Earth would cause it to get hotter and there would be more cases of eruptions and lava flows thus creating the pyrogenic atmosphere. Selected people were placed in each to breed humans capable of surviving their allocated climate. I, despite my old, frail age was put in the cryo atmosphere. Long have I dreamt of the paradise that is, the bio atmosphere.

But here I have loyal friends that help me along the way. Still, as you can imagine, people are desperate for survival and grow envious of other peoples' possessions. Our patch of cryo material is ruled by a gang of mysterious creatures that migrated from other magical lands. Cruelly, they tax us of our goods to build military equipment just because tensions are high. There was one particular machine that shook the ice from ten kingdoms over... Frosty Jaws, the hills would wail.    

The End

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