Pointless death, for what gain? Land? Money? Religion?
We don't own the Earth, the Earth owns us if anything. The Earth provides for us and we leave blackened scars in return.
War is the loss of lives, lives just like yours or mine. Imagine someone close dying 50 million times, each time making you feel re-newed pain, and you may be close to what our world sees.
But no we think of death as... just death. We think of those bodies as soldiers, not people but soldiers. We hear of their deaths and don't even take a second thought, we don't know them, but they were human.
They still are.
They laughed.
Just like you or me.

So why do we carry on fighting?

It's not like people will stop wanting that which the don't have.
And so people will die, and we will feel nothing still. But for now I am mourning all those soul's I didn't know and feeling that breaking pain in my heart, crying the invisible tears I have.
But I know no one else does, that war is war to them. A thing of life and the creator of death.

So here I sit, hearing laughter and happiness and think of all those who can't and never will.

For this is war. And war is just life.

The End

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