The Thought Of The Day (Or Week)

Any random thoughts I have and decided to write down.
By the way when I do deep thinking aparently I look depressed and stay like that for most of the day....


Silence... What is Silence?

Even when we are Silent it is not truly Silence; we still breath, we still think, still move.
Silence is like can't, there is no such thing, we thrive on noise, noise nurtures us.
Silent whispers still make a noise, we still make noise in our head, is there Silence after death? Does death provide us with Silence? Yet death gets rid of our ability to experience the bliss Silence, so we never get the Silence.
And yet Silence is all around us, Silence is the unspoken comments, the secrets we crave.
So this means we wish to be rid of the Silence by craving that Silent knowledge of secrets and things unsaid. We crave the knowledge that Silence keeps, without ever experiencing that Silence.

So how do we think of Silence? As the dismissal of voices, the ability to hear a pin drop? Or the death of someone dear? The death of the soul? Is that Silence?


What is silence?

The End

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