The Thomas Children

Molly, Madison and Shuree’ are all friends and sisters. Let me first tell you about the three girls and their cat.

Molly is the oldest. She is 14. Her future career is to be a judge. Although, she judges her sisters it is not the same. She does not even try to judge her parents!

Madison is the middle person, the glue that holds their friendship together. She is 13. Her future career is a veterinarian. She wants to looks at her cat for fleas, but her father says she is forbidden to. Her best friend Renshiska thinks Madison’s father is so darn mean!!

Shuree’ is youngest. She is 11 years old. Her future career is cooking. She cooks all the time, also anything. But most of all she cooks homemade pizza!! Her friends don’t care for her parents because they are so strict, but they’d do ANYTHING for Kitty’s cooking!

Sam is the family cat. He will be sixteen in two weeks. He is loving. He knew them from when they were little tots. Although people think cats don’t know what is happing, but this cat does!

Their story begins a month ago. It was a sunny day. Flowers were blooming, bees were buzzing and children were playing. Three of them were the Thompson children. They were playing on their school playground. They were sad because their beloved play ground was going to be destroyed. Their principle Mr. Doncouar or Mr. D as many of them call him and Vice principle Mrs. VinRengrala or Mrs. V. were curious why they were so sad because their old and rusty layground equipment is being restored with brand new, full color equipment. But they were sad because they’re father, grandfather & great grand father played on that equipment.

The End

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