The Third Princess: Part Twenty

                Lightning flashes, brightly illuminating the grey-white and dark blue steps and white decaying pillars that make up the pavilion in front of me. Thunderclouds press closely, like they’re trying to seal Derek, Boss, and me in. another bright flash of lightning reveals a heavy wooden door with black iron designs along the top and trailing down the sides, stopping halfway down. A small lamp floats in the air next to the door, like a diseased yellow eye in a dark thundering face. The door slowly swings open and a patch of silvery green mist seeps out like the last exhalation from a corpse’s rotting mouth. Nirvana’s voice calls my name, and even though I know it’s not her, I slowly walk forward, toward the door. A long, thick tentacle slithers out and tries to grab me, but Boss throws himself at it, and he’s taken instead. The door closes and takes Nirvana’s voice with it. My sister’s voice is replaced with the voice that I heard after my mother died. How long does it take to die from a broken heart? it asks mockingly before everything fades to black.

The End

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