The Third Princess: Part Eighteen

                “Where is she?” I half scream hysterically at the page standing by the open golden doors. He points to the throne room. I run down the corridor, holding my skirts bunched into one hand to I can move faster. Boss and Derek are behind me. The silver doors to the throne room are cracked, and I shove them wide enough for me to fit in, and run across the marble floor to where my mother is laying on the floor, her head in Verlaine’s lap.

                “What happened?” I cry as I fall to my knees by my mother’s side.

                Verlaine turns a tear-stained face to me and shrugs. “I know not, I was in the corridor when I heard her scream and collapse.”

                I look down at the frail form of my mother, her skin so pale that the veins show beneath her skin. Her breathing is shallow and her eyes move rapidly behind her closed eyelids. I lean down and put my ear over her heart, to see how weakly it’s beating, but instead of a heartbeat, I hear something mechanical and whirring. Confused, I pull down the collar of her dress and look at where her heart should be. Gwen’s gold and ruby hummingbird in flying in place where my mother’s heart should be.

                Her eyes fly open for a moment, and she presses her damp hand against my cheek. Before she can say anything, her hand falls back to the ground and her eyes close. She takes one last, shaky breath and dies. Verlaine’s sobs barely reach me from behind the thick wall of what I saw when my mother touched my face. Like a softly mocking whisper, the voices from Nirvana’s room circle around me.

                Now what else can I take from you?

The End

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