The Third Princess: Part Sixteen

                When I finally wake up, I’m laying on a bed that isn’t mine in a room that I don’t recognize. I stare at the silver and purple ceiling, and realize that this is my mother’s room. I turn my head to the right and see Derek standing by the window. Verlaine and Boss are talking quietly with my mother by the door.


                He whirls around and takes two long strides to the bed. “How are you feeling?”

                I manage a small smile. “Like I was thrown against a stone wall.”

                Derek returns my smile. “Which you were. What did you see in Nirvana’s room?”

                I close my eyes. “I’m not sure. Her room looked normal, but then I saw pictures that now I can’t remember what they looked like.”

                Derek gently takes my hand. I hear the loud swish of silk skirts as Verlaine and my mother walk over to us.

                “You’re going to need a new room, my raven. After Derek brought you to us, there was an explosion and that entire wing crumbled and then disappeared.”

                Verlaine nods in agreement. “Everything was lost, except for one thing.” She waves Boss over.

                He holds something out in his hand and lifts away the handkerchief that covers it. “Does this mean anything to you, or was it special to either of your sisters?”

                I look at the gold and ruby hummingbird. “A hummingbird flits from one flower to the next, never keeping promises to return, the hummingbird is full of vanity. This was a gift to Gwen from a guard when she broke his heart.”

                Derek nods. “I remember that. Grant had it made as an insult to her.”

                “Did it mean a lot to Gwen?” asks Boss.

                I nod. “Nirvana told Grant what to make it look like, and the hummingbird was what Gwen used to take Seth from her.”

                Boss and Derek exchange glances.

                “Alyessia, I know you’ve just returned to the palace, but with the strange events going on, it might be safer for you to stay elsewhere for a few days.”

                “Like where?” I ask as I slowly sit up.

                Verlaine reaches out and pats my hand. “Come stay with us for a few days. We need to keep you safe.”

                I look to mother, who nods. “Okay. But just until it’s safe for me to come back, I don’t want to impose on you.”

                The smile in Derek’s eyes says that it’s not an imposition. But I’m going to miss the palace.

The End

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