The Third Princess: Part Nine

                Four years later-


                It was my sixteenth birthday, four years since I’d been sent out in the woods for my protection, and two years since my gift had been revealed to me. Even Tianna said this gift would help protect me against Nirvana’s mysterious “He.” Tianna knew that today I would be going back to the city. Today, there would be a parade and a festival for my birthday, like my mother had always done every year for all her children, but with Gwen a statue and Nirvana who knows where doing who knows what, I was the only one that still got her festival. I put on a long white festival gown that Tianna had bought on one of her sojourns into the city to get food, and Tianna’s old grey-blue cloak. I stepped outside my old home and looked at my reflection in the still pond that the horses drank from. My raven curls had grown longer and my green eyes even brighter. The way the bards used to describe me when I was younger seemed to have finally come true. My complexion was light and fair, and with raven locks and emerald eyes, it seemed the bard that first described me had been prophetic.

                “It is time for you to return to your people, Alyessia.”

                I nodded and pulled the hood over my head. “Yes, Tianna, yes it is.” I mounted Raven, my black and silver stallion, and with one final glance at the place that had been my home and shelter since I had been twelve, I rose back into Aquebonica, my kingdom.

The End

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