The Third Princess: Part Six

                It was around midnight, and I still couldn’t sleep. I wanted to be queen so bad, but I didn’t think it would actually happen, and not like this. I lost both of my sisters today, and I wanted them both back. But sadly, even the yearning of a twelve-year-old can’t change what happened today. I considered waking up Derek so I’ll have someone to talk to, but then decided against it. Derek’s not happy when someone wakes him up, as I found out the hard way a few months ago when he was sleeping late. So instead, I only had the moon to talk to, but the moon can’t talk back.


                I quickly turned around. “Who’s there?”

                Nirvana appeared in front of me and I shrink back.

                She looked sad. “Alyessia, don’t. I don’t know what happened to me with Gwen, I was just so mad, and I let Him talk me into this…”

                “Him?” I asked, confused.

                Nirvana shook her head. “No one.”

                “Why can’t you fix Gwen?”

                She sighed. “Because I didn’t do that, He did, and I can’t undo what He did.”

                Again with that mysterious “He.” Almost as bad the mysterious “marriage when they’re older” phrase.

                “Why’d you come back?”

                “Because He’ll want to do something to you next, and I need to protect you. Tell mother, and then go away, far, far away, and don’t come back, not until you’ve gotten your gift and you can control it.”


                Nirvana shook her head. “No. Go wake up mother and go.”

                Tianna, my governess, stirred in her sleep, and Nirvana vanished again, leaving me with only the moon to talk to.

The End

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