The Third Princess: Part Four

                The pond was a mystical place to all children with its softly glowing blue waters and weeping willow border. A stone bridge led to the middle of the pond, which was actually more like a small lake. At the center of the pond was a large gazebo, erected as a wedding present from my grandparents to my parents. The gazebo was blue and green and silver and seemed to breathe with magic. Lily pads and other water plants grew in the water, and rare silver roses winded around the gazebo, something from my mother’s gift. I had heard the story many times over, how my parents were married here, and when they kissed, my mother’s heart raced with joy and happiness and silver roses suddenly opened and bloomed all around the gazebo. All of the people in Aquebonica had special and unique gifts allowing them to do different things. Their gifts would become apparent after they turned fourteen. My mother could do wonders with any living thing, my father could move things with his mind, Gwen could charm any man to do what she wanted with her voice, and Nirvana could manipulate things with her mind. Everyone had powers, and every child wished for their fourteenth birthday so they could see what their gift was. Derek only had one more year, and when he was mad at me, he would brag about how he only had one more year till he would know what his gift was. But right now, he was still thirteen and I was twelve, and we were playing together in the gazebo.

The End

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