The Third Princess: Part Two

Nirvana was jealous. She was jealous of Gwen most of the time, but this was different. Her eyes flashed from hazel to green, like they couldn't decide which color to be. She was very quiet, but anger and a stronger feeling I didn't recognize rolled off of her in waves. She stormed silently around the palace, and everyone (including me) stayed out of her way. We could tell that something was going to happen. Something big, and something soon.

I skipped the opposite direction of the angry Nirvana and toward our mother's chamber. Where we princesses had been described as beautiful, (I only believed it in the case of my two sisters, I didn’t think I was beautiful, no matter what the bards said), our mother was gorgeous. She was tall and slender, built like an elegant birch tree, with long curls and waves of hair that wasn’t quite black, or brown, or blonde, but a perfect blend of all three. She had kind grey-blue eyes that always sparkled with laughter, even though our father had recently passed. But late at night when I couldn’t sleep, I could hear her crying in the throne room…

                Mother was sitting on a small elegant chair that looked if anyone except her had sat in it, the chair would have broken. She was talking with Verlaine, her best friend, and the mother of mine. Verlaine’s husband stood in the corner, guarding mother, just like he was supposed to. His name was Boss. Or at least, no one I knew knew his real name, and those who did wouldn’t tell me, so all the children, except his son, called him “Boss.”

                Mother’s face brightened when she saw me. “Hello Alyessia! How are you today, my darling raven?”

                She called me a raven because my hair was the color of a shining raven wing.

                I smiled and ran into her arms. “I’m wonderful, mother, but Nirvana is not.”

                “Oh?” she asked with concern as she tucked a wayward curl back into the complicated design my governess had braided it into this morning. “And what makes you say that, little raven?”

                “Because she’s storming around the palace like an angry cat, and she’s scaring everyone. And everyone, even the knights are staying out of her way.”

                Mother laughed. “Even the knights who can’t leave any of my daughters alone won’t be found around Nirvana? This is serious indeed.”

                I smiled, and then returned my face to as serious of an expression a twelve year old could muster. “It is serious, mother! You know Nirvana and how angry she gets over stupid things with Gwen. She might actually try to do something this time.”

                Mother nodded and gently set me back on the floor. “Well then I shall go talk to Nirvana and see what is going on. Now why don’t you go out and find Derek? I’m sure he’ll be looking for someone to get into mischief with.”

                With a smile toward my mother, I ran out of the room in search of Derek, my best friend. As the white and gold doors closed behind me, I could hear Verlaine laugh and say something about marriage. But I was too young to pay attention to that, I was twelve and wanted to play with my friend.

The End

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