The Third Princess

Once upon a time…


No, too common.


In a land far, far away, there once lived three beautiful princesses…


Forget this fairy-tale starting junk, I'm doing this my way.


My name is Alyessia, and I am the third princess. The first princess (my eldest sister) is…was named Gwen, and she was tall and slender and beautiful, with long curls of sunshine and ocean blue eyes…or at least that’s how the bards described her.

The second princess (the middle child) was named Nirvana. She was built like Gwen, but had chocolate curls that cascaded down her back like a waterfall, and glittering hazel eyes…but few remembered how beautiful and once loved she had been before…

But to me, they were just Gwen and Nirvana, my two older sisters, my playmates and trouble-mates and learn-how-to-properly-be-a-princess-mates. Gwen was sixteen, Nirvana was fourteen, and I was twelve when something happened that would completely change the kingdom forever more. And, as it turns out, it filled this ancient prophecy someone once said…but I'd rather have my sisters than a prophecy.

The End

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