Chapter 7 - Heart Of A Lion, Timid As A Mouse

The next day, I grabbed a long-sleeved purple top, some black jeans and purple converse to start my first day at university. There was already a story in the local paper about me being the youngest girl to ever start university, the 'child genius' (and thankfully they hadn't quoted my name), though at seventeen I was far from being a child, but I suppose in the eye of the media, anything goes.

I put a light coating of foundation on my face, just enough to partially-cover the bruising but not enough to make me look 'plastic'. I did the usual neutral shades of makeup and tweaking of the clothing, but if I was being honest, I was time-wasting, stalling the ordeal that awaited me. I didn't really like the thought of having to go alone, and I didn't like the thought of the media being there, laying in wait as David had assured me they would be. The comforting thought was though, that I now had a phone that should I feel uneasy or panicked, I could always send him a text or ring him. He'd suggested that I go out and join a youth club so that I could socialise, but I was anxious as to doing so; what would happen if I wasn't accepted? But I couldn't worry about that right now; right now, all I had to worry about was getting into the university unscathed.

When I'd had enough of pacing up and down, and looked at my watch I knew that this was it, I really had left it to the last minute and if I didn't go now it wasn't going to happen; David had kept his promise, so I had to keep mine. My bills were already paid, so now I had to make good on my side of the bargain and get the qualifications I needed, to get a job that I fancy doing. So far I wasn't sure what degree I was going to do, I had GCSEs and A levels in more or less every subject there was, including Urdu, Latin and Welsh. It wasn't a case of what could I do with the qualifications I've already got; the world really was my oyster. I really liked languages, speaking several others than English, and I was really interested in Law and Politics. What struck me was the amount of choice there was at university, but on my walk to the campus it didn't enter my head what I was going to do, just how I was going to get through my first day. 

Just before I went around the corner to the campus I thought the streets were strangely empty for a Monday morning, where was all the work traffic? That was when I saw the video van. As I rounded the corner, they all pounced on me (figuratively), and I had to fight my way through them all to get to the doors of the building not saying a word, the lights blinding me. Who I presumed to be a lecturer from in the office saw me and rushed to the door hustling me in, shielding me with his robes, and took me into an office room upstairs. 
"You must be Amelia," The man said, laughing slightly under his breath.
"Yes, Sir," I answered, unsure of what to say. "Amy to most people."
"Well I'm very sorry for what you have had to go through this morning, but let me assure you that you will certainly not have to go through that everyday to come here to learn. Hopefully the press will die down later on, but as I'm sure you can understand, it's fantastic for the university," he grinned.
"Indeed," I answered through gritted teeth.
"Oh, I'm sorry, deary me!" He threw his hands up, "You must be wondering who I am; I'm the principle, whatever your needs, I'm your guy." I just nodded, unsure of what to make of his flamboyant  gestures. He shook my hand heartily and I raised an eyebrow. I thought to myself that well, if you can't beat 'em, join 'em.

He explained to me the way that the university works, including lectures and how it's not like public school that you have to attend every day, which was when I pointed out that I had been home-schooled. This made him think a little, and then come to the conclusion that I should choose whichever degree I want and then take an exam in it, to see how far along the course I am, or as to how much help and support I'd need.

The End

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