Chapter 6


"Hey, look. She's coming around."

"Right, watch out of my way! Cindy can you hear me?" I wanted to reply yes but I couldn't find my voice. Mrs Mallinda carried in talking. "Cindy, honey, we've called an ambulance and your mum's on her way." I looked around me. I was in the nurse's room and I was surrounded by Mrs Mallinda, Allisa, and a few others that I didn't reconise. Two other teachers were standing on the other side of the room, talking in hushed voices. Across the room from me Kandy was lying on the other nurse's bed, with the nurse taking her ice-pack away and then taking her temperature.

"Kandy, I'm so sorry." I began, "I don't know what hapened. One minute we were playing and the nextI trailed off. Kandy looked at me. Her eyes were half open and she had a big cut down her cheek. dry blood covered her face and matted her hair. She smiled weakly at me. She could barely lift her head. " It's ok, Cindy. I'm fine. It could have been worse. I just need a plaster; you need to go to hospital." She was making me feel really guilty. I was about to protest when my mum rushed in.

"Where is she? Oh, baby! I was so worried! Are you ok? I was so worried!" My mum rushed over to where I was lying on the stretcher. " I was straight out of work! I was so worried!"


The End

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