Chapter 5



"Good morning Cindy, how are we today?", my teacher was standing across the room from me, pointing at a smarrtboard on her left hand side. "Fine, Miss Launders." I replied, not really paying much attention to her as I was looking at the board beside her. It read 'Ghosts and Gouls. Are they real?'

     "Late again Cindy?", my teacher said, interupting my panick attack. "Em, yes Miss." I took five deep breaths to calm myself. "Slept in again?"   "Yes Miss. Sorry." I replied, feeling a small sense of de ja vu. "Right then. Take a seat."

     "The first ghost story dates back to 12,000BC when..."

     "Em, Cindy?" I looked up to see my teacher staring at me from behind her glasses. "Cindy, that's playtime. Why don't you go outside and get some fresh air?" I slowly stood up and wandered outside. Playtime was only fifteen minutes long; I could handle that. As I walked around the corner Allisia (my BFF since p1) ran up to me. "Hey Cindy! You wanna play tig?"     "Em, sure. What harm could it do?"

"OMG! Cindy are you okay!?!" I looked up. Allisia was looking down at me, her eyes full of worry. Why was I on the ground? "What happened?" I asked. One minute I was going to play tig, the next I was on the floor. "You ran into Kandy." It took me a minute to process this. "Oh, is she okay?" I was up on my feet in seconds. "Em, not really. She banged her head. She is in the nurses room. Are you sure you're okay Cindy? You went down pretty hard."     "Yeh...I'm...em...sure...ok...yeh." I felt dizzy. The playground was swimming and Allisia's words were echoing around me. I saw her spinning closer to me and then everything went dark.

The End

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