Chapter 4



In the end I decided that I had to get out of the house. I got dressed and packed my bag in a trance-like state. I didn't feel like breakfast; I just wanted to get out of the house, so as soon as I was ready I rushed out the door.

     As I approached the school gates I realised that this was a big mistake. What was I doing? I couldn't go into school like this. I was a state; my hair was all knotted, I looked like a tramp, and I was shaking from head to toe. I would never be able to concentrate; my mind was so muddled up. Yet, I continued up the steps to the door of my school office.

     As I opened the door the lady in the office stood up and came out of her office through the glass double doors. Whyat was her mane again? " Cindy," Tha lady seemed worried and a little scared. " Is that you?" ' Mrs Mallinda, that was her name!' I thought to myself, amazed that I had even walked into the right building. I looked around myself just to make sure that I was in the school office.

     When I turned back to Mrs Mallinda I noticed that she was waiting for me to answer. " Yes, it's me." I hoped that my voice wasn't too shaky, but I couldn't tell; the ringing in my ears just wouldn't go away.

     Mrs Mallinda still looked worried. " Are you okay dear?" What was I supposed to reply to that? ' No Miss. A horrible slimy monster is haunting me.' I managed to pull myself together; just. " Yess, Miss. Sorry I'm late." Okay, that sounded normal.     "Right well, your class is in the I.C.T. room so if you want to just hang up your stuff and then you can join them." She seemed to be calming down a little. " Okay, Miss." I mumbled unintelligibley.

     I trudged down to the cloakroom and hung up my coat and bag and then I started walking to the I.C.T. room. As I was about to enter I caught a glimpse of myself in a window. I was a mess! Now I see why Mrs Mallinda looked so scared. I turned around and headed towards the bathroom.

     As I walked into the bathroom I was pulling my fingers throught my hair, trying, unsuccessfully, to get the knots out. What had happened last night !? I put my bag down beside the mirrors and examined myself; extremely tuggy hair, bags under my eyes, even my clothes said tramp - I still had my slippers on and my eye mask was stuck in the birds nest on top of my head - I still had my make-up on from last night and where was that smell coming from?

     I started rummaging through my bag for something, anything, that would make me a little less scary; and then my hands came across something round and hard... my toiletry bag! I knew I had put it in my bag; that's why I didn't wash my make-up off last night.

     I yanked the zip open and emptied everything out onto the counter. My eyes quickly scanned over everything; make-up wipes, hairbrush, eye cream - everything I needed.

     " First things first," I muttered to myself as I picked up the hair brush. I was having no success with the hairbrush so I dampened my hair and tried with my fingers again.This time I had a little success and decided that my hair was smooth enough to pull it back into a loose ponytail using one of the many bobbles wrapped around my hairbrush.

     After that I decided to move onto my face. I started by washing off last nights make-up and then I splashed some cold water on my face to wake me up. Then I put on some eye-cream to try and make the bags under my eyes less noticeable; it didn't work very well but it was worth a try. Eventually, I began to look a little less scary.

     I pulled off my bunny slippers and swapped them for my roll up shoes that I kept in my bag for emergencies. I stuffed everything back in my toiletry bag and threw it in my bag. I jammed my slippers and my eye mask in aswell.

     Then I walked out of the bathroom and round to the I.C.T. room . I stopped outside the door and took a few deep breaths, then I slowly opened the door to face my class and my teacher...


The End

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