The Door

Chapter 3

The Door


I'm not sure when the thought turned into a dream but when I awoke my face was all wet and slimey; as if something had been licking it.

    " Patch! EEWWWWWW!" I got a tissue from my bedside table and wiped my face. As I leaned over to put my tissue in the bin I caught a glimpse of my alarm clock. "Oh no.", I breathed. It was quarter past ten! "Quick Patch! Oh no!" I threw my covers off of my bed and picked up Patch... or what I thought was Patch.

     Patch crawled out from under my covers at the same second that I looked down at the horrible, wet, slimey thing that I held. " AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!" I stood frozen in the middle of the room. I thought back over the last week; the bad dreams, all my stuff going missing, Patch's unusual behavior.

     It was all starting to come together. The bad dreams; were they really just bad dreams? My stuff going missing; was it really going missing, or was it being stolen? And Patch's unusual behavior; was it really him?

     It wasn't until I had thought all of this through that I realised that I was still holding the thing. I'm not entirely sure what I did next because I closed my eyes the whole time but I think that I dropped the thing in the bin, tied the bag in a knot, and threw the bag out of the window.

     I lay down on my bed and tried to stop myself from hyperventilating. 'Right,'I thought to myself,'first things first, what is the thing and where did it come from?' For this I had no answer. 'Okay, number two, are there more than just the one?' I had no answer for this either.

     "Oh Patch" I cried, picking him up(and making sure it was him this time). "What am I going to do?"

The End

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