Ashamed Steve couldn’t face work. By now he was sure some people may know. Hoping they wouldn’t know the whole truth, an affair and leaving Violet he could handle- the whispers, rumours and daggers thrown by various women in his office. He couldn’t handle the fact they wouldn’t know the whole truth.

 Tears slid down Steves tanned face, he sobbed, why did Khalid deny everything, act the way he had, and  hurt him. He had hurt him not just physically but emotionally. Steve had risked everything for a man who he thought he knew. “Fool” Steve chided himself.

He grabbed his cell phone from the nightstand in this cheap hotel. Not knowing who to talk to or where to go he turned on his phone. Beep .. Beep… Beep; it seemed to Steve the whole world wanted him, maybe so but he only wanted one man. The man who had held his hand, smoothed tears from his face and changed his outlook on life.

His phone rang, caller ID told him it was Khalid. Unsure why he would be calling Steve tried to ignore the polyphonic tune echoing around the room. The caller rang off but immediately redialled.

Steve answered the call, put the cell phone to his ear, and listened. Too afraid is he spoke the tears would flow and render him speechless again.

“... I meant everything Steve, “Khalid sounded almost apologetic, “It can’t be made public. That was never my intention. I have my life, I have my wife and kids, I want them... I love them. I’m sorry for acting the way I did, but Steve you turn up at my house and expect me to what... drop everything and walk out with you... What would that achieve? What happened Steve, between us was.. Loneliness, the desire to feel wanted. I don’t know. Steve I am sorry...”  

Silent tears fell from Steve’s stinging eyes. He could barely muster a whisper, “I love you Khalid. You said you loved me... as we lay naked in bed, your hands on my body, your kisses on my lips, you said you wanted me in every way,”  Steve’s broken heart ached, “ I want you Khalid, I will get what I want.. somehow, someday, even if I have to wait forever.” Steve’s dark tone came out of nowhere.

“Is that a threat Steve?”  Khalid replied, “No!!” Steve hadn’t wanted to push Khalid further away, “Khalid when you want me just come, I will always be waiting.” 

“Steve ,” Khalid sighed, “Talk to Violet

As he rung off Steve was certain he could hear Khalid cry.


The End

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