More Vodka

Violet opened her eyes and quickly screwed them up again, not knowing if she wanted to see it or not. Be brave. Brave is one thing - Violet wanted to know if she had been dreaming or if her life had just shattered into a million pieces.

She slowly looked around her. Sunlight shone through the gaps in the blinds, lighting the huge, pale blue room with an amazing glow. Her arm reached over and fell softly onto the empty space beside her, she was alone. The memory of Steve and last nights confession came flooding back, the pain stabbed at her heart even now. It had been real. He had left her for another man. He had betrayed her.

Her memory was foggy. How much had she drunk. Had he really been there? Worse still had she really been rescued by Liza Minnelli.

She crept downstairs and could hear the sound of the blender, and Donny Osmond on the radio.

“H-H-Hello,” Violet stuttered her heart pumping in her chest, ‘surely a burglar wouldn’t be listening to Donny Osmond.” She comforted herself.

“So you have finally decided to grace me your presence. Some thanks I have for picking you up and getting you home safe.” Violet heard a familiar voice yell from the kitchen.

As Violet walked through the swing doors she muttered, “ Oh Al, Ok ok..Thanks. I’m sorry and you are the greatest friend ever. But one thing, fill me in. Did Liza Minnelli really save me?”

“Woo lady how many vodkas did you sink?” Alison laughed, “ Liza Minnelli did not come near you last night. I got a call from the owner of Heat Bar, the one you were sprawled all over… You’d been alone all night as far as he knew.”

Violet groaned, knowing something was not quite right. She was hung over, she remembered vaguely singing All by myself , was that on karaoke?

“Violet,” interrupted Alison, “ Tell me about Steve.”



The End

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