Steve felt the shock. He had caused tidal waves - not just in his own life but in Violets.

'Beautiful, beautiful Violet,' Sreve sobbed. She was a wonderful woman, any man would be lucky to have her. But for him, she wasn't enough.

Steve hadn't planned any of this, well, not in this way. He had known for so long; from his teenage years gazing at the guys in the locker room, to adulthood, in bars and on the street.

Steve had denied it for his entire life until Khalid. With a few minor discrepencies in Dubai a summer ago, Steve had led the life of the straight male. Violet, had provided him with the disguise of a man in love.

Steve drove, tears still gliding down his cheeks. He had taken the risk and  now for the glory.

Pulling up outside his lovers house, he could see Khalid giving his wife, Imra, a gentle kiss, his muscular arms encircling her tiny waist. She was smiling, her eyes shone. Yet another woman Steve would be hurting.

He rang the doorbell, and as the melodic chimes echoed through the house his breath caught in his throat. His heart pumped rapidly in his chest.

The door opened and Steve instantly found the darkest brown eyes he had ever seen gazing at him wonderously,

"Khalid," Steve gasped, "She knows."

The End

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