The Thing That Hurts

Lina had plans for her and Miles, but Miles is pursuing his dream of becomeing a pianoist in Europe. He leaves her, but promises to call her everynight if he can.

Lina sobbed quietly behind the bench. She did not want anybody to see her like this.

She looked up and found a friendly face that she knew only belonged Miles.

"Go away Miles"she said maddly. For he was the reason she was crying.

"But Lina, I knew you would be mad at me, that's why I waited. This is my only chance to begin my career as a pianist."he said still smiling.

"I know it is your only chance, but you could have told me sooner. I had already made plans for us."Lina said.

Miles walked behind the bench and picked Lina up and sat her on his lap. She barried her face in his chest. Taking in the scent that she loved so much, but would not be here for much longer.

"I have to go catch the plane, I love you Lina. Let's try to call eachother everynight if we can."he said leaning towards her for one last kiss.

She turned away, but he pulled her to him. They stayed like that for a long time. Miles finnaly broke away and hurried into the airport.

The End

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