The Thing

14 year old Cindy McCatch is being haunted by a horrible green, slimy creature. When the creature takes her and holds her hostage will she make it out alive or will she die trying...

Chapter 1

Bad Dreams


I was running, running as fast as I could; scared to look back in case I lost concentration, but worried in case it was right behind me. I could see the light. That must be the end of the forest. If I made it there then I would be free; free of the terrifying forest closing in on me, and,more importantly, free of the thing that was chasing me.

          I could see light; I was getting closer. Almost there. Just a little further. I was nearly there. I was running faster now, pushing with all my might. I knew I was nearly there. I could feel the heat of the sun on my face. That was me; I was nearly out of the forest.

       As I charged out of the forest and into the sunlight I fell to my knees. I risked a glance back. The thing was lurking at the forest's edge, pondering on wether to come out into the sunlight or not.

     Relief swept over me as I lay my head down on the warm, dusty ground; I didn't care if the ground was burning my cheek. A high-pitched screech broke through the forest and then I saw them; hundreds of them, standing in rows around the edge of the forest, slowly creeping closer towards me.

      I scrambled to my feet and ran. I didn't know where I was running; I just ran.  I ran as fast as my legs would carry me. I looked back;I was sure there were more, maybe  thousands.

     I felt the impact as I tripped and smashed into the ground. They were all surrounding me now. I had nowhere to go; on one side of me thousands of horrid creatures were closing in on me, and on the other side there was a steep cliff's edge, taunting me, calling out to me, 'Come to me, come, come.' The things were getting closer.

     I scrambled to my feet. The things were closing in on me. I forgot about the cliff's edge and took a step back, not realising what I was doing.

     Then I was falling; falling into whatever lurked beneath the misty clouds below me.

Then I woke up. This was just one of the many recurring dreams that I had been having for over a week now. I always woke up when I fell but this morning I awoke for another reason.

     I was woke up by something scratching at my bedroom door. I slowly crept over to my door and carefully pulled it open to find...  

The End

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