Monday,a year after what had happened,a year that I had forgotten,I had to remember it all again. Mum had invited Jess round for tea. I got home for school. "Surprise! Look who's here to see you,Jess!" Boomed mum.

Jess was sitting down in the kitchen. She looked taller and tanned than the year before. Mum left us alone to 'gossip' but we had nothing to say to eachother



"You okay?"

"Yeah you?"

"Yeah thanks"

And that was it.

"How have you been then without me Jess?" I asked.

"At first it was hard,I missed you loads. But as the year went back I got better. You?

"Same" I replied.

"So who's your best friend now?" Jess asked.

"Stacey and all her gang I suppose" I answered "You?"

"No one at the minute"

That was all we had managed to say after years of knowing eachother.

The End

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