Regret and Confessions

Saturday. The day I was going to march up to Jessie's door and tell he rparents. Tell the world if I had to. I didn't care if I was a snitch, it needed to be said,no matter what the outcome. I knocked on the door,scared and Jessie's Mum opened it,all smiles.

"Hello dear,nice to see you come in,come in." She said,beconing me. I smiled back and walked in. "What can I do for you, I'm afraid if your looking for Jessie,she's at Ashleigh's house but she should be back soon." She says to me.

"It's not Jessie I came to see actually,it's you and your husband." I say. She guides me into the living room where Jessie's Dad is watching a comedy.

"Geoff,switch that off,Jessoe's friend has something to tell us." Jessie's Mum says to her husband. The TV goes blank and it's my turn to talk.

"Jessie had a fight with Lucy on the landing. She pushed her down the stairs,unintentionally and that's why Lucy isn't here anymore. I know I should have told you sooner but.." I never got to finish because Jessie walked in at that moment.

Her mum began to cry.Her face went red with shame.I felt for Jess's mum more than anyone else in this situation. "What's wrong Mum" She asked.

"You! You killed Lucy!" She screamed in anger and shock. Her Mum ran into the kitchen and Geoff (Jessie's Dad_ ran after her. "We can not tell anyone. If this gets out they will set  the social workers on us. Saying we haven't looked after Jessica properly. We can't loos her Geoff. We can't let her waste her life in a prison with a criminal record!" Her mum shouted in the kitchen.

"Yes I know dear but think of the reputation we will have if someone finds out and they know we knew all along. I don't know about you but I couldn't live with that shadow hanging over me all the time for years" Her Dad replied. It went back and forth and about an hour later they  came out of the kitchen,Jess's mum's mascara was all over her face. "Jess,what you have done is EXTREME,we should call the police right now. But we are going to keep this between the four of us. No one else should know and we are all going to pretend we know nothing of this. I never want to hear about it again,understood?" Her Mum said. I was astonished. I thought her mum would confess to the police about Jess and we could all live our lives without that shadow and voice at the back of our heads going: "You know she did it!"

"Mum,this is bad,we have to tell the police." Jessie mumbled

 "No No No! We have too much pride in this family and too much of a good reputation  to tell everyone. So that is the final decision about it. Now I'm going for a hot bath" Replied Jess's mum.

When she walked to the bathroom,none of us knew what to do with ourselves. Jess's dad couldn't get over it and kept scratching his head in the corner and frowning in complete silence. Me and Jess twiddled our fingers and muttered to one another.

The End

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